AMC’s ‘Soulmates’ Thinks It’s ‘Kind of Crazy’ to Be Monogamous

October 20th, 2020 12:21 AM

AMC’s newest science-fiction series Soulmates is an anthology following a world in which a test has been developed to find one's “soulmate.” Considering this is the network that brought us Preacher, the series also aims to bring out the worst parts of these “soulmate” relationships. Case in point, the third episode introduces the idea that it’s “kind of crazy” to stay with only one person.

The October 19 episode “Little Adventures” involves married couple Libby (Laia Costa) and Adam (Shamier Anderson) dealing with the aftermath of Libby finding her “soulmate.” Since they've already experimented with an open relationship, what they call “little adventures,” Libby feels comfortable enough to start a friendship with her soulmate Miranda (Georgina Campbell). One thing eventually leads to another, and their relationship turns sexual despite how Adam feels about it. The couple then splits, leading Libby to start a full relationship with Miranda.

Of course, Libby then begins to miss her ex-husband because she seems to be that terrible at relationships. Sadly, this episode is not about how awful Libby is at commitment but how to work around it via polygamy. Adam takes her back along with Miranda, and all three of them get together to meet Adam’s own soulmate to invite her into a four person relationship. By the end of the whole episode, it’s Adam who even has the nerve to say, “It's kind of crazy to expect one person to be your everything.”



Adam: So, we're really hoping that you don't freak out.

Tyra: Okay.

Adam: This is my wife. Libby.

Libby: Hi. You're very pretty.

Adam: And this is her soulmate, Miranda.

Miranda: He's told us so much about you. He really likes you.

Libby: I love him. We've been together since I was 18.

Adam: I love her, too. And we're good together. But not perfect. But whatever she doesn't get from me, she gets from Miranda.

Miranda: I love Libby. But I don't want her all the time. Because commitment sends me crazy. Because of my mother.

Adam: And I want you in my life, because ever since we spoke on the phone, I just knew you were meant for me.

Tara: Right.

Adam: I'm sure this is not what you were expecting. But we all thought that we can maybe be together. Might take the pressure off, you know. It's kind of crazy to expect one person to be your everything. If you want to walk away now, none of us will judge you.

Tara: Um...could we maybe just, um...start with a coffee?

Miranda: Baby steps.

Libby: Baby steps. 

If Netflix is cornering the market on pedophilia, then non-streaming television must be working on covering polygamy. Anything seems to go so long as it’s anything besides a healthy, monogamous relationship between one heterosexual man and one heterosexual woman. However, when even Slate at one point wrote about how harmful polygamy is to women and children, it’s hardly something to smile about before we fade to black.

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