Syfy Series 'Happy!' Says 'F**k You' to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

May 2nd, 2019 12:29 AM

After mocking Easter not once but twice, I guess Syfy’s Happy! couldn’t resist another cheap jab at Christians. The grisly series found a brand-new topic to smear this week: crisis pregnancy centers.

In the May 1 episode “Pervapalooza,” Amanda (Medina Senghore), Nick Sax’s (Christopher Meloni) ex-wife, believes that she may be pregnant. Considering her several traumatic issues following the kidnapping of her daughter just last season, she is terrified at that possibility. To make sure, she visits a woman’s health clinic to weigh her options. Surprisingly, the clinic she visits is pro-life when discussing her pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, the show uses this opportunity to mock and condemn pro-life sentiments. It all goes downhill when Amanda asks about abortion options.



Julie: Good afternoon. I'm Julie. May I call you Amanda? Your blood pressure's great. Your weight's great. Your temp is 98.6 on the dot. Any pain?

Amanda: Nope.

Julie:  Spotting?

Amanda: Nope.

Julie: How about change in mood? Any depression?

Amanda: I don't want to talk about it, Julie.

Julie: Aww, well, a little bit of moodiness is to be expected with the change in hormones.

Amanda: You're saying—

Julie: The test came back positive.

Amanda: That's not possible.

Julie: Oh, some of life's greatest blessings aren't planned.

Amanda: What are my options?

Julie: You can see the child to term and then choose to either keep him or her, or you can give them up for adoption.

Amanda: And my third option?

Julie: Oh, you mean murder?

Amanda: I'm sorry?

Julie: You are going to have a beautiful child of God, and hopefully he or she looks just like you. So beautiful.

Amanda: I'm not having it.

Julie: I think it's wise that you understand the facts. Cervical cancer spikes post-abortion. You have an 87% chance of becoming sterile, and often, we are unable to remove all the baby's limbs and digits from the womb.

Amanda: What?

Julie: They kind of just float around... Causing all sorts of medical issues, as you can imagine.

Amanda: What the hell kind of women's health clinic is this?

Julie: The kind that can save your soul.

Amanda: Okay.

Julie: You have an 11-year-old daughter? How would she feel about you killing her little brother or sister?

Amanda: Fuck you, Julie.

To be fair to these writers, I doubt that they’ve ever met a sincere pro-life person in their lives if this is their reference. All they can manage are creepy advocates spouting off fear-mongering statements about increased chances for cervical cancer, which may be true. Furthermore, even though they exaggerate the statistic of becoming sterile or having medical complications, that doesn’t change the fact that those are also very real risks when it comes to abortions.

The worst part of this scene is the literal “f*ck you” it gives to crisis pregnancy centers. There are thousands of centers throughout the country that provide help for women’s health and save lives. Most states even have many times more CPCs than abortion clinics. However, because these centers don’t give abortions, people like the Happy! writers consider them creepy, delusional, or worse, religious.

Honestly, with the things this show puts on screen, how is considering an unborn life a human being any crazier? After all, a recent poll found that for the first time in years, Americans identify as pro-life just as much as they identify as pro-choice. Sadly, public opinion won’t stop this show. If they’re prepared to throw Christianity under the bus, what do they care about the destruction of unborn life?