'SMILF' Still Blasts Prayer, Pushes 'Kids in Cages' Narrative

March 25th, 2019 12:24 AM

Showtime’s SMILF, if you haven’t heard, is still a crude, obnoxious take on single motherhood. The only difference this week is an odd change of genre. The latest episode gives us the usual hatred of prayer with a bonus reference to the “kids in cages” narrative. 

The March 24 episode “Single Mom Is Losing Faith” is a bizarre Magnificent Seven parody where Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) is struggling to support her son in the Wild West. To make matters worse, her boss Ally’s (Connie Britton) unfaithful husband known as “Mr. Daddy” (Clark Gregg) is terrorizing the small town into imposing unbearable living standards and taxes.

It’s become so bad that a woman remarks that her niece is being locked in a cage after being separated from her mother. She’s met with incredulous scoffs that “America” is putting people in cages.



Woman: I could use it, too. My niece is sitting in a cage on the border since her mom got deported.

Bridgette: Yeah, right.

Eliza: Stop your lying. This is America. We don't put kids in cages!

Tutu: Come on, that is bull!

Eliza: Shit.

This show is far from the first to insist that America is caging illegal immigrant kids away from their parents. It is, however, probably the laziest. The idea that border agents are just now caging kids is already patently false, but they’d rather joke about people who don’t believe it. In their eyes, if you don’t think that the United States is caging children, you’d have to be as dumb as these characters.

The episode ends on a much lower note when Bridgette gathers with her ex-boyfriend Rafi (Miguel Gomez) and his new fiancé Nelson (Samara Weaving) for a small meal. Nelsen insists that they say grace in her house, so Bridgette complies by adding her own obnoxious atheistic perspective on praying.



Rafi: You guys got everything? You got enough to drink?

Bridgette: All right, gonna dig in.

Nelson: Oh, uh...yep. We say grace in this house.

Bridgette: I don't really do that.

Nelson: Oh, well, you can always try. Come on, let's do it.

Bridgette: You don't want to pray, do you?

Larry: Yes.

Bridgette: Fine.

Nelson: All right, hands together, everyone. First time for everything. Rafi, would you like to do the honors?

Rafi: Of course. Dear Lord...

Bridgette: Who doesn't exist.

Nelson: Bridgette.

Bridgette: [Whispering] He doesn't exist, okay?

Rafi: Dear Lord, who—

Bridgette: Don't get your hopes up.

Rafi: Dear Lord who does exist, thank You for this food, and thank You for this beautiful family. Awoman.

Nelson: Awoman.

Bridgette:  Awoman.

Rafi: Let's eat.

Bridgette:  Let's eat.

Of course, SMILF has criticized and blasphemed God and religion so many times that it’s practically a parody of itself. In fact, this is the second time in the series that characters have chosen to say “a-woman” instead of “amen.” Apparently, they still haven’t learned that some things have nothing to do with sex or gender.

We get it. The show doesn’t like Christianity, and the characters are morons. Luckily, some of the people at Showtime know better and finally cancelled SMILF. Now we only need to endure one more episode before condemning the show to oblivion. For once, I can’t wait to see just one more episode.