TVLand Sitcom Mocks Extreme Man-Hating Feminism in the Classroom

With the onslaught of feminist propaganda in the media and man-hating becoming the latest trend, the only solution is to laugh at it all the way. As a sitcom, TVLand’s Teachers attempts to do its part by showing us how ridiculous extreme feminism can look in real life. At least, I hope that’s what it’s doing.

The December 5 episode “Hot Date” features a subplot about Chelsea Snap (Katy Colloton) confronting the idea that she may have a gender bias. Mostly, it comes from the fact that she never calls on girls to answer questions in her science class. When her fellow teacher Feldman (Cate Freedman) calls her out on her inherent bias, Chelsea decides to turn things around in the way only a feminist can: crushing the patriarchy of a small boy.



Chelsea: So moving on to science, where everyone is valued and appreciated equally, let's discuss scientific laws. What are some examples of scientific laws? Lily?

Lily: The law of gravity.

Chelsea: Yes! That's my girl! I mean, woman. No--person. Because you are capable, and that has nothing to do with your gender. Now, who discovered the law of gravity? Miranda?

Miranda: Newton?

Chelsea: Yes, that's right! Let your voice ring out! And what does that law say? Tiffany?

Gary: She wasn't even raising her hand!

Chelsea: Who cares? Tiffany?

Gary: I know the answer. Why aren't you calling on me?

Tiffany: I'm sorry, Gary. Has me not rewarding you and feeding into the patriarchy for two minutes made you uncomfortable? Would you prefer if the women stuck to English and poetry like we're supposed to? Your time is up. It's Tiffany's time now. The law of gravity just brought you back down to Earth! Boom!

For what it’s worth, Feldman later informs Chelsea after that scene that tearing down boys doesn’t solve any gender bias. While that gives some sense to the show, I fear our current third-wave feminism, with its bold declarations about how men deserve to be murdered or die out, might be more on board with Chelsea’s methods. Sadly, real-life feminists aren’t nearly as intentionally funny.

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