NBC's 'The Brave' Draws the Line Between American Heroes and Traitors

NBC’s The Brave is one of the latest primetime shows featuring a military element that from the start has been driving liberals crazy. The Brave, in particular, must be a thorn in the average extreme leftist’s side with the characters regularly acknowledging themselves and the American forces as “the good guys” against foreign adversaries. This week takes that American pride up a notch when the military crosses a notably anti-American traitor.

In the October 16 episode “Break Out,” the military team travels to an Afghani military prison filed with captured members of the Taliban. There, Deputy Director Patricia Campbell (Anne Heche) interrogates an American traitor with the Taliban to try to discover the location of a potential terrorist attack. When talking to him, the viewer might come to recognize some familiar liberal talking points as Patricia tries to reach out to him.



Patricia: Both of the men escorting me were victims of a U.S. Bombing. They were at a base, playing with Muslim children. How is that doing what's right?

Nate: How do you justify an American drone strike at a wedding? And if we both commit atrocities, why are you so sure you're on the right side?

Patricia: Big ideas, mainly. Freedom of speech. Gender equality.

Nate: Your crusading government is bought and sold by big American business. But, you know, they cloak their greed in a mantle of human rights, so you lap it up. And you think you're liberators, but you're line workers on the military-industrial complex's killing floor.

Patricia: Okay. Let's say you're right. How does indiscriminately bombing a U.S. base help? You want to cripple the American war machine? Don't fall into the stereotype. Please, Nate. Be better than us.

Heaven forbid the real freedoms of being able to draw religious cartoons without being targeted for death and not treating women like chattel overcome the fictional crimes of “American business,” whatever that means here. Only in the imaginary world of liberal bias could anything the United States does today be even remotely compared to the evil and heinous acts of the Taliban. All while in the meantime, liberals continue to reap the benefits of the U.S. military protecting their right to trash soldiers. And they think they’re the brave ones.

Fortunately, that's not the case here. Make no mistake, the American military is and continues to be the good guys of the show, even going so far as to save this traitor’s life and stop a major prison break against all odds. In one hour, we see manly American military men fight off hordes of Afghani Taliban prisoners with the use of high-powered weapons. Overall, it was probably the most controversial, non-politically correct episode of the week.

In this day and age it seems like traitors are not only accepted but lauded. Case in point, the news today on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s guilty plea for desertion is a reminder that President Obama hailed him as a hero when he traded five notorious Taliban terrorists for his release back in 2014. And let's not forget Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, who is called a transgender hero.

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded who the real heroes are and with The Brave we now have at least one chance every week to watch positive portrayals of American military heroes. Every week, the team on The Brave works together to maneuver, fight, and, if necessary, shoot their way out of a tight spot for innocent civilians, saving the day American-style. The show doesn’t have to waste time telling us why they’re the good guys. They’re too busy showing us.

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