ABC’s ‘The Mayor’ Piles on Trump, Election References - Sad!

October 17th, 2017 11:55 PM

ABC’s The Mayor continues its season with unremarkable notice, so I guess that means it’s overdue for a check-up. The latest episode is just another reminder that even in the tiniest moments some leftists can’t help themselves from taking a jab.

In the October 17 episode “Buyer’s Remorse,” recently elected mayor Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall) begins to suffer in the polls among constituents. Unfortunately, since that has some real-world comparisons, we’re in for some more jabs and winks at our real-world political circus. And for those overseas, that even includes the Brexit vote.



Kitty: You're on the news!

Reporter: In the era of election upsets, Fort Grey may have taken the cake.

T.K.: Oh, he really pops in that HD! That's that classic Rose glow. [ Laughs ]

Courtney: Here we go. Just do not call me the "Rapping mayor."

Reporter: ...Channel 8's Gabby Montoya has the report on the rapping mayor.

Gabby: Just weeks ago, he was a complete unknown. Now Courtney Rose is a household name. And one thing's for sure -- it isn't because of his rap career.

Courtney: Was that necessary?

Dina: I don't think it was.

Gabby: What began as a publicity stunt for Mr. Rose ended in a shocking...

Dina: That's my baby.

Gabby:...Double-digit victory. Left in the dust? The odds-on favorite, City Council President Ed Gunt.

Gunt: Look, Ross, was there widespread voter fraud? I mean, that's just what literally everyone is saying. But... Whatever. ...Honestly, I'm thrilled for Courtney Rose -- Mayor -- Mayor Rose.

Ross: Well, you sound elated.

T.K.: That right there? That's some bad sportsmanship.

Gabby: ...How do supporters of the millennial mayor feel about their triumph at the polls?

Woman: Bad. Really, really bad.

Man: Maybe next year, my daughter could be mayor.

Daughter: I'm 7.

Courtney: What?

All: Ohhh.

Gabby:...Is over. Despite winning 52% of the popular vote, his approval rating sits at just 23%. In a word? Ouch. As with Brexit and other "protest votes,” it's safe to say the people of Fort Grey have some serious buyer's remorse.

T.K.: Does Courtney have what it takes? Who the hell knows? Lying... Dishonest media. Sad!

As I’ve mentioned before, The Mayor can be almost entertaining when it ignores the blatant political comparisons. Even this episode has some charms outside of these moments. So why does it feel the need to sink its teeth in this low-hanging fruit? With more instances like this, it’s sure to damage the limited respect I have for this show. Let’s just say, I’m experiencing some buyer’s remorse.