'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Pokes Fun at Trump in Dark Reality

Apparently, subtle hatred of our president exists across many dimensions of the DC universe. In a reality-bending episode of the CW show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the icing on the top of the dark timeline cake is Donald Trump.

In the March 28th episode “Doomworld,” the supervillain team the Legion of Doom successfully use the Spear of Destiny to rewrite history in their image (bear with me here). In this backwards world, the bad guys hold all the power, the heroes are separated, and, shockingly, Donald Trump is the president. Remember, this is supposed to be the worst version of the world after all.  

Thawne: Yes, Mr. President, you know I'll be there. You know I love receiving medals. [Chuckles] And then, uh, golf on Sunday. And dinner at your hotel after? [Laughing] All right, all right, best to Mel. Bye-bye. I am so sorry. I had to take that. There's only so many times you can tell the President of the United States that you'll call him back.

Snart: You want to get to the point?

Thawne: Yes.

The show doesn’t even have the courage to state his name, but "President Trump is the worst thing ever" can still be the punchline of a bad off-hand joke that amounts to literally nothing in rest of the episode. Exactly how many people think this is still funny four months after the fact?

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