Comedian Lizz Winstead Slams Kavanaugh: This ‘F***er’ Is ‘F***ed Up’

July 10th, 2018 11:46 AM

Comedian Lizz Winstead’s vocabulary to describe Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh consisted of one main word: “Fuck.”

On Monday night, President Trump announced his pick for new Supreme Court justice: federal judge Kavanaugh. The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead took time out from a Janelle Monae concert to bash the new pick.

Kavanaugh is “fucked up,” she began in a Facebook live video, and “it’s time we rally.” Then she turned to the media.

“If you do not hear media people talking about the fact that this dude is literally the only candidate who had a vote on abortion,” she warned, referencing a case where he ruled against the abortion of a minor in the U.S. illegally.

Then again, in her next breath, she called the media her friend.

“If any fucking politician, from right-wing extremists to Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perez, start repeat abortion talking points that it’s not a big deal, you’re going to send those articles to every single person in the media tomorrow,” she said.

“Because this is fucking war,” she added. “Right now.”

She pressured Democrats.

“We need to fight this fucker,” she insisted. “Any Democrat who decides to vote for this, is literally saying the emancipation of women is not something that I care about.”

“We can fight this,” she continued, “We can make the media make it an issue.”

Then she returned to the concert, because, she said, “this fuckwad ain’t going to ruin my night.”

On Tuesday, she added in a tweet:

“Dear Media: If I see one more story, or TV news convo about #BrettKavanaugh THAT LEAVES OUT THE FACT he wrote the DISSENTING OPINION on the DC court that a raped undocumented teen did NOT have the right to access an abortion, you're complicit in ignoring the humanity of women.”

As founder of Lady Parts Justice League, Winstead has repeatedly used crass language, mocked pro-lifers and even hosted telethons to fund abortions.