Freeform’s ‘The Fosters’ Features Teen Transgender Sex, Pits 'Deplorables' Against 'Antifa'

August 30th, 2017 12:54 AM

The Fosters loves to push teenage sexual activity, all things LGBT and the liberal agenda, so it came as no surprise that the relationship between sixteen-year-old high school student Callie and her college-age transgender "boyfriend" Aaron has been "consummated" before Callie heads to a college protest in the August 29 episode of Freeform’s The Fosters.

In “Engaged,” the female to male transgender Aaron (played by a transgender actor Elliot Fletcher) and the perpetual social justice warrior Callie (Maia Mitchell) are shown in bed together post-coitus, so at least we aren’t forced to watch TV's first transgender teen sex scene - which is coming soon, I'm sure. It is the only such scene, thank goodness, but soon the show moves on to another item on the liberal agenda.

Further along in the episode, illegal immigration once again rears its ugly head. Ximena explains to Callie and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) that "with the current political situation," her father’s decided to put all the legalities of the family, including guardianship of her younger sister, in her name in case her parents are deported. Callie says it’s so messed up that families are torn apart – a standard line from the no-borders, amnesty crowd. It is the people who break the law who hurt their own families by their illegal actions.



Callie: Everything all right?

Ximena: Just a few rough days.

Mariana: What's going on?

Ximena: It's just my dad. He's trying to update our family plan.

Mariana: Like for cell phones?

Ximena: Like if, uh, any of us get deported.

Mariana: Oh.

Ximena: You know, we've had this plan for years now. But... With the current political situation, he's putting everything in my name. And I'm gonna be Poppy's legal guardian now, if, you know, if anything happens to them. And they already told us, no matter what, they want us to stay here without them.

Mariana: That's awful.

Callie: It's so messed up that they're tearing families apart like this.

Stef: Plotting to overthrow the world, are we?

Callie: If that's what it takes.

Ah, yes. Callie, an anarchist at heart, is happy to talk about overthrowing the government rather than obey the immigration laws of the land.

And finally, Callie heads to an anti-free speech rally over the appearance of a conservative speaker on a college campus. Her foster mother Stef asks her before the protest happens if Callie feels strongly enough about it to risk her upcoming college career at the school. She wisely counsels her that these protests often turn violent and agitators show up to guarantee that. Callie, of course, thinks it is worth it and Stef asks her to be careful if anything happens.

At the protest, Callie is among those shouting “Immigrants Are Welcome Here" with the Progressive Student Alliance Committee in a crowd holding signs that say things like "Make America Kind Again" and "Resist." You can even spot ANTIFA signs in some scenes.

A counter-protest group shouts back slogans like “Build A Wall” and holds signs that say "Make America Great Again" and "Proud Deplorables." Of course, the counter-protesters are shown in the worst possible light, one person tells the pro-illegal immigration protesters to “go back to Mexico” while calling them “Third World trash” and spitting at them.



As usual, free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment only goes one way for liberals and anarchists – conservatives have no such right. It’s all so predictable. Freeform, you are a far cry from your Disney Family Channel days.