Spanish Golfer Jon Rahm Warns Climate Protestors Against Targeting British Open

July 19th, 2023 11:06 AM

Just Stop Oil (JSO) is a British group of protestors that protests the use of fossil fuel. The organization’s method for grabbing attention is disrupting as many major events as possible, particularly British sporting events.

Earlier this month, despite the increased security measures taken by the event’s organizers, environmental activists disrupted several matches at the major tennis tournament, Wimbledon. This was the third major sporting event in Great Britain they had targeted this year, as they had already disrupted the Grand National horse race and the cricket tournament The Ashes.

With the British Open, the last major championship on the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Tour just days away, it seems as though that will be the next event JSO crazies will try to interrupt next.

Dale Vince, JSO’s biggest donor, has said “it’s about how much disruption can we cause, how many headlines can we grab” and that “high-profile” events would remain the most likely events the organization would target. So, it would make sense that The Open would be next on JSO’s list.

However, if third-ranked golfer in the world Jon Rahm has his way, the attackers might become the attacked if they try to disrupt the tournament.

Rahm, a Spaniard with a fiery personality, said that protests would be unlucky if they crossed paths with him at The Open.

“I do have a reputation so I hope they don’t catch me on the bad hole,” Rahm said. “Being a golf course in a bigger area that might have more room to run around and do what they need to do, but what I can assure you is you don’t want to get hit by a golf ball even if it’s on purpose or accident, you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that.”

While it's doubtful that any golfer would try to hit a protestor, the message Rahm is sending is strong and necessary - protestors shouldn't interfere with the tournament, and if they do, significant consequences could follow.

The British Open begins on Thursday, and it'll be interesting to see how JSO protestors respond after Rahm’s stern warning.