ESPN to Display Pride Flag for Month of June at Main Campus

June 1st, 2023 10:12 AM

If you were to travel to ESPN’s main campus in Bristol, Connecticut during the month of June, you'll witness a disturbing sight.

Beginning today, the Worldwide Leader in Wokeness will be hoisting a transgender pride flag to show support for the “ever-oppressed” LGBT community. The gesture will last for the entirety of Pride Month, of course.

The fact that ESPN is showing support for this demographic - a demographic which largely thinks men competing in women’s sports is okay - should come as no surprise.

During March, which was Women’s History Month, ESPN released a broadcast in which it highlighted Lia Thomas for his accomplishments. What better way to highlight the accomplishments of women by celebrating a man, right?

OutKick’s Bobby Burack offered a perfect assessment of the current state of ESPN as a company.

“Ultimately, ESPN opted to use its cultural influence to support gender appropriation," Burack said. "ESPN is no different than Bud Light and Target, two companies that have lost over $5 billion in market value amid consumer backlash over its promulgation of gender ideology."

Maybe it’s time we started a similar boycott of ESPN.