Master Flopper LeBron Claims Ignorance About Faking Fouls

November 10th, 2022 11:10 AM

LeBron James flopping “LeBron” and “flopping” go together like potatoes and gravy. Incredibly, though, the Lakers’ LeBron James says he doesn’t get to the free throw line enough, and he needs to learn how to flop – in plain terms, fake being fouled – so he can shoot more free throws. If they had a floppers’ hall of fame, James would be the first inductee. He’s the master of this annoying “art,” and the greatest actor thisside of European soccer.

Last night, the Lakers fell to the Clippers 114-101, and the game turned into another all-about-me affair for LeBron. He scored 30 points. He left the game late in the fourth quarter with leg and groin pain. And after the game, he started his big yapper running about not having the ability to flop. That’s quite an eventful evening, but everything takes a back seat to his big lie about a long history of flopping. 

James told the media – with a straight face: 

“I love physicality. But I would also love for the whistle to be blown when I get hit. I mean, four free throws once again. I look at a lot of guys tonight, shooting a lot of jump shots, and they going nine, 13 times to the free throw line. I gotta learn how to flop or something. Seriously. I need to learn how to do that. Swipe my head back or do something to get to the free throw line. Cause the ‘I missed it’ is getting repetitive. Three straight games of ‘I missed it.'” 

Oh, thank you, LeBron, for handing us this flopping gem of a remark. It’s one of the most stupid things you’ve said, in a long list of dumb remarks spanning your career. 

Thankfully, YouTube features a rich collection of James’ best flops, bearing testimony to his dishonesty. He’s made it quite an art form, and he’s even fooled NBA referees into taking the bait and calling the other guys for fouls they didn’t commit. Some of the broadcasters have bought into LeFlopper’s acting, too; others not so much.  

Here’s a golden oldie. If you have picked yourself up off the floor from laughing hysterically, here’s another video lowlight of James’ on-court fakery. 

In 2013, the NBA fined James $5,000 for flopping. The Associated Press described that incident by writing, “James spun and fell and West tumbled toward the baseline during what looked like a poorly choreographed dance routine.” 

James later commented that flopping was "not even a bad thing, you're just trying to get the advantage." Now he would have people believe that flopping is foreign to him. Unbelievable. 

James is appearing at the foul line to shoot free throws less frequently this season compared to his career average. Perhaps NBA officials have grown tired of his flopping and are refusing to call phantom fouls on his opponents. 

By complaining about the infrequency of his trips to the foul line, James must think people are stupid enough to have forgotten about his fabulous flopping career, the $5,000 fine and the attempt to justify his questionable actions. As they say, the more you lie, the harder it is to remember all your lies.