Despicable Browns Fans Shill For Watson, Shame His Accusers

September 19th, 2022 12:12 PM

Deshaun Watson Decadence on steroids appeared among tailgating fans Sunday outside the Cleveland Browns’ stadium. Fans of disgraced, suspended quarterback Deshaun Watson went to desperate, despicable lengths to insult the massage therapists who said he had engaged in sexual misconduct with them. 

Watson was accused by 30 massage therapists of inappropriate behavior, and he has been fined $5 million and suspended for the first 11 games of the 2022 season. Sunday’s game was just the second of those games. 

Several fans outside the stadium demonstrated in favor of Watson Sunday and shamed his accusers with shameless displays honoring the perverted quarterback. 

The worst display was a mannequin wearing Watson’s uniform and lying on a massage table with an erection. A sign attached to the table states: “happy endings are not necessarily illegal,” a phrase from Watson attorney Rusty Hardin excusing the QB's unwanted sexual advances toward the therapists because Watson did not explicitly pay for sexual favors. However, Watson paid 20 of the massage therapists to take their complaints and go away. 

An adult man also appeared holding a sign saying, “Fuck them hoes.” A little boy with him held a sign saying, “Free Watson.” The poor kid has no chance at decency with adults like this jerk in his life. 

Then there’s the idiot hawking “bitch, give me a massage” t-shirts. 

Have they no shame? None whatsoever. 

Cleveland obtained Watson earlier this year in a trade with Houston. He’s been one of the top quarterbacks in the National Football League, and now Browns’ fans hope he can lead his team to glory. To these nitwits, his talent and ability to potentially help the team win out-weigh his sewer-level behavior.  

Aryanna Prasad, a writer for the Fansided blog, said, this level of callousness “is (one) too many, and the fact that so many Browns fans were here celebrating — and associating Watson with franchise greats like Joe Thomas — demonstrates a complete lack of connection to the suffering Watson’s actions caused.” 

If the low-life Cleveland fans’ morality is a sign of the cultural times, we’re in trouble. At least Houston had the good sense last year to ground Watson (he was held out of all the Texans’ 2021 games while the legal wrangling between his attorney and his accusers played out.) Eventually Houston traded the Watson headache to Cleveland, where fans starved for a winner are all too willing to dismiss the suffering of his victims.