Nonbinary Nonsense: Boston Marathon Creates New Division For 2023

September 13th, 2022 12:51 PM

Boston Marathon Registration began Monday for next year’s Boston Marathon, with a new pronoun category for nonbinary runners. They, them and their will compete in a separate division for the first time and will no longer have to suffer the agony of checking the box for male or female upon registering. 

Aiming to please demanding LBGT fascists, the Boston Athletic Association is “currently working on expanding opportunities” for nonbinary athletes in the Boston Marathon and other road races, according to Huffington Post’s Sanjana Karanth. 

“While we do not currently have qualifying standards for non-binary athletes, we are working on ways nonbinary participants are accepted into the event,” the Boston Athletic Association said. “Discussions are ongoing with non-binary athletes in an effort to further promote inclusion at all BAA events.” 

That statement ought to speak volumes to the public. The addition of a nonbinary division isn’t necessary. It’s clearly a charade, an effort to throw the Alphabet Soupers a bone and to appear fully woke. It’s also another notch on the belt for the LGBT activists in their long march through the culture to apply their stamp to everything that moves. 

Last spring, nonbinary runners had to suffer the humiliation of registering as women in the Boston Marathon. Never again. 

“As we prepare for future races, participants can expect non-binary times to be updated accordingly,” an unnamed BAA official said. “We view this first year as an opportunity to learn and grow together.”  

Perhaps the association will fully learn how few so-called nonbinary people run the marathon at an elite level. The Williams Institute’s study claims just over a million Americans consider themselves nonbinary. That works out to .003 percent of the population. How many of those people run long distance is anyone’s guess. For this tiny, tiny minority, the Boston Marathon is rolling over and genuflecting to LGBT efforts to saturate the culture. 

The nonbinary runner(s) named J Solle, who directs the queer running club Front Runners New York, is tickled pink about the new division. They and all of them said: 

“Personally, I’m so excited to know what I need to do to qualify for a bucket-list race, and thrilled that my community of nonbinary runners is being acknowledged by the Boston Athletic Association.”

The use of “I” and “my” must have been slips of the tongue for them. 

The Philadelphia Distance Run and the Brooklyn Marathon are both miles ahead of the Boston Marathon, having previously created nonbinary divisions and equal prize money. Now all three races are woke and virtue signaling to the LGBT.  

Karanth noted that nonbinary runners pushed for more inclusiveness in distance running, and the three marathons mentioned above quickly folded and gave in to the LGBT pressure.  

What’s next and why are these huge races stopping at nonbinary? Can furry divisions be close behind? How about agender, bigender, binarism and all the other goofy genders the LGBT claims to exist?