ESPN’s ‘Worst’ Take: Left-wing Echo Chamber Exposed For Jan. 6 Lies

June 13th, 2022 10:18 PM

ESPN’s “Worst” Take program and its parade of groupthinkers flaunted their ignorance Monday with their discussion on the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Washington Commanders’ assistant coach Jack Del Rio has these Pinocchio's highly agitated and stretching the truth to alarming levels. 

Del Rio was fined $100,000 by the “Commandants” for asking why the Capitol riots are getting far more attention than the far-more damaging Black Lives Matter riots of 2020. 

Outkick writer Bobby Burack explained, “The idea of these (First Take) segments is to paint Jack Del Rio as a racist for asking why the media continues to excuse the deadly riots in the name of George Floyd. And in doing so, the show is making a mockery of the ESPN brand.” 

"First Take's Stephen A. Smith, seen at right in photo with Marcus Spears, wasted no time getting right to the “racist aspects” of the infidel Del Rio’s grievous error. The coach is “whiiiite,” Smith confirmed. “Great insight,” Burack mused. 

Yes men Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears agreed with Smith’s rush to judgement. In fact, Spears urged black people to rise up against the infidel Del Rio because “people died” that day at the Capitol. Five died there, Smith lied. The correct number is one. 

Truth be known, that woke brand has been suffering for years. 

Spears’ number can’t compare with the 25 deaths caused by lawless BLM thugs during the 2020 riots spurred by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

Who cares about facts when angry ESPN race baiters are worked up into a frenzy over racism? Burack says Max Kellerman would have countered the lie with facts, but Smith booted that white guy off his racially diverse-lite soapbox last year. 

“On topics like these, ESPN is worse than MSNBC and CNN,” Burack charged. Those cable networks do bring on dissenting voices (albeit punching bags) to counter left-stream narratives. ESPN won’t do that though; it loads up its lineups with left-wing know-nothings who get their disinformation from social media. Burack says ... 

Twitter told them that Jan. 6 was the darkest day in US history and the deadly BLM rioters had good intentions. That’s all they see, thus all they know. 

Moreover, ESPN commentators know they can lie without regard for the truth because no one seated next to them is informed enough to understand they are lying. If a leftist says it, it must be so. 

Burack urges ESPN to add some divergent voices to create an environment that at least offers the potential for opposing views to be debated. Smith, particularly, could use a good fact-checker in his earpiece. Since he spits out lies and race-baits with reckless abandon, Burack advises.  

ESPN has no interest in audience diversity and is merely shouting and lying to its own choir. ESPN’s bile is the “truth” and that false thinking is all that matters to Smith and company.