Raiders Reap Praise For Providing Workout Opportunity For Kaepernick

May 25th, 2022 8:36 PM

NBC Pro Football Talk lib Mike Florio is praising the Las Vegas Raiders for giving the notorious SJW Colin Kaepernick a workout on Wednesday. It’s not clear if the ex-49ers quarterback showed off his kneeling knee or not, but he’s been an unwanted troublemaker for the NFL since last playing in the turbulent season of 2016. 

“Kudos to the Raiders,” Florio commented. “To (Raiders owner Mark) Davis, G.M. Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels. Even if they don’t sign him, they’ve busted the seal on a bottle that perhaps was never going to be opened again.” 

Kaepernick’s media lapdogs have been crying for his return ever since he walked away from San Francisco more than five years ago. He’s been viewed as too much social justice trouble for the possibility that he might be able to help a team. 

Florio expressed his sweet dreams about the Raiders or possibly other teams being open to signing Kaepernick.: 

He’s most likely not going to supplant (starting quarterback Derek) Carr, who just received a new contract with the Raiders. But if, after the workout, the sky doesn’t fall and the NFL world keeps spinning, maybe another team will be willing to give him a workout. And another. And maybe he’ll get a roster spot. And maybe he’ll prove to be the best option for a team like, say, the Seahawks or the Panthers or someone else who doesn’t currently have a high-end quarterback.

During the entire five years that Kaepernick has been demonizing America and police officers, Davis was telling his coaches and general managers that “if they want to hire Colin Kaepernick, they have my blessing.” 

The New York Daily News's Pat Leonard wrote that Kaepernick protested racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling on the sideline during the national anthem throughout 2016. He hasn’t played for an NFL team since, while scores of less talented backup QBs have been cycled through rosters. 

Note Leonard’s lack of objectivity. He didn’t say Kaepernick alleged there was racial injustice and police brutality across the nation, but treated it as fact. 

Roger Goodell, the weak, wishy-washy commissioner of the National Football League, must be happy with the prospect of Kaepernick returning to his social justice enterprise. In 2020, he said the NFL was “wrong” for not listening to player protests earlier. He welcomed and supported the return of Kaepernick. 

The longtime NFL pariah Kaepernick has been strengthening his arm in workouts over the years, but he hasn’t faced an NFL defense for a long time. In the interim, he has been trashing his home country and public safety officers from the safe haven of Twitter. He also released a book of essays calling for the abolition of police. And Kaepernick and former teammate/anthem kneeler Eric Reid both sued the league he’s been slamming. The NFL settled with both for a few million dollars. 

If Kaepernick should return to the NFL or any time in the future, his social justice protests would undoubtedly raise protests against him and the league all over again. He could again use the forum of NFL press conferences (as he did in above photo) to spew his vile mantra. It would be v2.0 of the 2016 debacle. 

Last month, Kaepernick said, “Let me come in and compete. Let me come in, compete, show you what I can do.” If that’s all he did was compete, he could have returned sooner. It’s the circus act that comes with the competition that turns people off. Caveat emptor, Raiders!