ACLU Wars On Women’s Sports, Sues To Overturn Indiana Trans Ban

May 24th, 2022 9:24 PM

The ACLU renewed its war on women’s sports Tuesday by suing to overturn Indiana’s new law banning males from competing on female teams. The Republican majority in the State Senate and State House had barely over-turned the governor’s veto of the bill when the ACLU filed its lawsuit. The ACLU says America needs to check its “transphobia.” 

Breitbart reported that Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb vetoed the bill in March when he claimed the bill did not provide a consistent policy for fairness in K-12 sports. In other words, the resulting unfairness to girls would have been preferable to unfairness to a limited number of trans boys. 

The Senate over-ride vote was 32-15 and the House over-ride vote was an overwhelming 67-28. Trans activists protested at the state capitol in hopes of keeping the door open for confused males pretending they’re girls. They argued that trans male incursions are not a big problem.  

The ridiculous trans male tide is rising across the country. People like Will “Lia” Thomas, the masculine guy who owned the Penn University women’s swimming team this past season, and others are indicators that the level of the girls’ playing fields in all states is at risk. 

GOP Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray said the state will preserve “simple fairness.” He’s so right. In fact, the young boy who is suing the state competed on a girls’ softball team last year. 

In view of the ACLU’s lightning-quick lawsuit, Sen. Bray said, “We don’t like to get to the state of Indiana sued, but it happens from time to time. It’s a policy that I think we can stand behind.” 

The lawsuit-happy ACLU filed its legal complaint on behalf of a 10-year-old boy who wants to continue playing on a girls’ softball team. Surely a boy of this “advanced” age was acting on his own level of maturity and not used as a prop by LGBT pressure groups. Nah. 

Filed in the Southern District of Indiana, the lawsuit identifies the plaintiff as “A.M.," who has lived as a girl since “she” was three years old and once considered mutilating his male genitals. 

The ACLU had previously dedicated a YouTube video to how people with “transphobia” are following the lead of … you probably didn’t guess this: Nazi Germany. The evil regime conducted sex checks of athletes, and now the opponents of trans athletes are doing the same. The USA is in a full anti-trans crisis, the ACLU says, and it’s creating a real danger for many Americans. 

A.M. must be allowed to play on the girls’ softball team because it’s a prime method of social transition that allows transgender girls to express themselves in a manner with their female identity, the ACLU trans activists say. Additionally, the ACLU suit would also have the court believe that puberty blockers will reduce the likelihood that A.M. becomes the Babe Ruth of “her” softball league. 

A.M.’s school fields a boys’ baseball team, but “she” can’t play on that team because “she’s” not a boy. Because this child’s school receives federal funding, he must be permitted to play girls’ softball, the ACLU lawsuit blathers on. 

As the legal process plays out, the girls’ athletes of Indiana are protected by law for now, if not by the ACLU’s warped lawsuit.