ESPN Accused Of Cowardice For Allowing Mark Jones To Spew Hatred

January 26th, 2022 12:46 PM

A 32-year veteran of ESPN broadcasting, Mark Jones has displayed his dark side many times. He’s cheered for the death and injuries of conservatives. Jones also hates certain white quarterbacks who refused to be vaccinated, and he detests police officers. After Jones hated on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers through the weekend, Outkick writer Bobby Burack said ESPN is allowing Jones to embarrass the network because it’s afraid he’ll turn on his own employer with accusations of racism.

Jones lent his enthusiastic support to people tweeting falsely that Rodgers is linked to Trump and QAnon, as well as a half-horse, half-human.

Additionally, Jones retweeted messages saying that Rodgers is a loser who should travel with former President Donald Trump to spread the message that they are losers. And more:

Rodgers had implied horse de-wormer (Ivermectin) is a performance-enhancing drug;

Rodgers couldn’t carry Colin Kaepernick’s cleats;

If it wasn’t for critical race theory, Rodgers and the Packers would have beaten the 49ers in Sunday’s playoff game;

“Kaaren” Rodgers has done his “own research” and he’s not too bright, and more.

Rodgers has told podcast host Pat McAfee that the media hates him because he has refused to be vaccinated. This definitely applies to Jones.

The ESPN broadcaster also hates police officers and conservatives.

Nearly a year ago, Jones started smashing his like button upon hearing that Limbaugh had died from lung cancer. One of the tweets he liked then was written by someone wishing that Limbaugh would “rot in hell.” Jones would eventually withdraw support for that despicable remark, but the man Burack refers to as a “disturbing creature” enjoyed the tears of Limbaugh’s crying widow. ESPN refused comment on Jones’ aberrant behavior.

The year 2021 was, in fact, a big year of hate for Jones. He also cheered the torn ACL of the San Francisco 49ers Nick Bosa, a Trump-supporting conservative. Jones also celebrated conservative UFC fighter Colby Covington’s broken jaw. Covington is also a huge Trump supporter.

Jones once refused a police escort to an ESPN broadcasting assignment because he believes cops are more likely to murder a black than safely deliver him to a destination. During an NBA broadcast last year, Jones falsely claimed Jacob Blake was unarmed when Kenosha, Wis., police shot and paralyzed him. Blake was wielding a knife.

Burack wrote, “If you are the NFL, UFC or a college football league, it has to be disturbing that a league partner allows a broadcaster to openly root for athletes to suffer injuries.”

In addition, Burack said he’s never called for the firing of anyone. However, Jones, he says, is “taking advantage of ESPN’s cowardice.” Burack wonders, if at some point, ESPN should fire Jones for his idiocy. “Because anytime Jones mentions something other than ball, he proves his ignorance.”

Free speech is free speech, but ESPN ought to have the good sense that the “disturbing creature” Jones is representing the network horribly and some level of discipline is necessary.