As Sports Face Potential Shutdowns, Clay Travis Accuses Biden of COVID Lies

December 17th, 2021 8:40 PM

Okay, vaccinations and protocols are not working, and professional sports were not supposed to be looking at a COVID-induced long dark winter. The experts and the politicians had all the “scientific answers.” Talk of temporary shutdowns and bubbles were supposed to be things of the past.

Nearly 100 percent of NBA, NFL and NHL players are vaccinated, and a majority have received booster shots. No matter, the coronavirus keeps mutating and staying ahead of vaccinations and boosters. The Omicron variant is roaring through multiple sports leagues, and more than a hundred NFL players are out with COVID-19. One NHL team had 30 cases, and an NBA team has 10 players sidelined.

The Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bulls have all been especially hard hit by COVID-19. The NBA postponed games this week.

Jeff Van Gundy, a former head coach in the NBA who now broadcasts games on ESPN, said Wednesday“I really feel that at some point there’s gonna be a pause to our season, a bubble to our season. The way they’re predicting these cases to continue to go… I don’t see any way around it.”

Outkick reports that its founder, Clay Travis, is asking what the surge in COVID says about President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci.:

“It was Biden, after all, who claimed ‘I will end this’ during a campaign debate. After we all saw Biden could not, in fact, end it, he proclaimed in July the vaccine would do the trick. Yeah, guess not.”

The NBA, NHL and NFL are all overwhelmed with COVID cases, Travis said. “The sports leagues all have levels of COVID vaccination that are nearly 100 percent. The players are far younger and healthier than the overall population. Yet they are all overrun with covid. The pro sports leagues data definitively prove that vaccines won’t end COVID. Biden’s lying.”

Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer, said his league is experiencing “a new phase of the pandemic. The dynamics of the pandemic have changed for us. And I think that’s going to cause us to challenge some of our previous assumptions and also update our strategies and our solutions.” Brilliant deductions! 

Writing for Yahoo Sports, Charles Robinson’s story is headlined, “The NFL has hit a COVID-19 iceberg, putting Roger Goodell’s zero-tolerance policy to the test”. Ya think?

New York Giants owner John Mara said it “seems like it’s never going away.” Nevertheless, the NFL is furiously working on tweaks to its COVID protocols, the ones that aren’t working. Yahoo’s Henry Bushnell reported that sports leagues and epidemiologists are throwing around all kinds of potential new strategies for coping with the reality of COVID. Among the recommendations are allowing asymptomatic athletes to play through COVID.

All the league rules and so-called scientific advice of the "experts" have not prevented the current crisis in professional sports and the greater culture. The president and Dr. Fauci were all talk. Vaccinations are failing right and left. Why should anyone think the geniuses in pro sports can gain the upper hand on COVID now?