Unhinged Deadspin Thrashes Sen. Tuberville: 'Shotgun Pointed At Our Face'

February 2nd, 2021 11:50 AM

In its first awarding of the idiot of the month dishonor, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (Alabama-Republican) has been dragged through the mud in vile fashion by Deadspin. Sen. Tuberville gets a thorough trashing by being portrayed as "the shotgun pointed at our face," an ignorant idiot and as Rudy Giuliani’s go-to stooge who keeps falling upward and can do the nation real damage.

Deadspin gave former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler (Republican-Georgia) the idiot of the year award for 2020, and is now turning the fury of its vulgar wrath on the freshman senator from Alabama.

In a lengthy list of insults, Sen. Tuberville (seen above taking a congratulatory call on his election from former Vice-president Mike Pence), is called a “corn-fed dope” and an “emblem of what is driving the nation into a yet-unknown level of hell.” “It would be fine if his own brand of ignorance and idiocy were merely pointing the figurative shotgun at his own face. Instead, he is the shotgun pointed at our face.”

Deadspin also implicates Sen. Tuberville for something sinister because he met with then President Donald Trump Jan. 5, the “evening before the attempted coup on the Capital … ” He wanted to keep a president who allowed nearly half a million people to die from COVID-19. Furthermore, Tuberville was “Rudy Giuliani’s go-to stooge in a bid to try and hold up the ratification of the election … ”

Eventually the “overmatched nitwit” Tuberville will keep falling upward and land in a position where he can do “real damage.” As a football coach he could mess up a win or two and lose a hot recruit, but as a senator there may be people in Alabama who won’t get the help they need “because this dipshit is too busy doing whatever it is he does. It’s another voice in the lunatic fringe that we’ll never be rid of.” As an aside, Deadspin knows a thing or two about the lunatic fringe.

Never belonging on a ballot, much less in Washington D.C., Sen. Tuberville is “just another symptom of the stupidity plague that has gripped us. He is a “shithead” who has never displayed any understanding of any issues, other than he agreed with the demonic moron in the Oval Office at the time, sounded like a Good Ol’ Boy, and was a name that a lot of people already knew. And that’s all it takes far too much of the time.” More on the junior senator’s shortcomings, according to Deadspin:

“Tuberville only exists to be part of a blockade to liberal solutions, make his constituents feel more secure in their racism and ignorance while telling them it’s not their fault they barely have a pot to piss in, and not provide any ideas of his own. Which is how we keep ending up here.”

It’s easy for the leftists at Deadspin to see through Sen. Tuberville’s medicine-show salesman charm. They say he wasn’t even a good college football coach, although he had a 159-99 career record in 21 seasons on the major college level. That included a 13-0 season at Auburn in 2004 and a No. 2 ranking behind national champion USC.

In its final degrading insult, Deadspin writes, “Luckily, there’s always a chance that someone like Tuberville will just fall down an open sewer hole or simply forget how to breathe. Hope springs eternal.”

Yep, this must be the kind of stuff that will bring the divided nation together, all right.