Pro Sports, Athletes Can't Hide Their Political Bias; NBA Commissioner Donates To Biden

July 24th, 2020 12:56 PM

Adam SilverNBA Commissioner Adam Silver has donated the maximum amount allowable to the 2020 presidential campaign of China ally and Democrat Joe Biden. This was according to Outkick the Coverage, which claimed this as proof the association is more interested in repairing relations with China than doing anything positive here in America. The Silver donation also gave credence to claims that NBA player voting registration drives are purely being done in hopes of getting Biden elected

Federal Election Commission itemized receipts showed that Commissioner Silver donated the maximum $2,800 to Biden's attempt to unseat President Donald Trump.

Outkick the Coverage's Gary Sheffield Jr. wrote: "The news seemingly backs the claims made by our very own Clay Travis that the NBA is more interested in repairing a relationship with China than doing anything positive here in the United States.":

"If the NBA players, coaches and commissioner want to argue the league should be making political statements in this country, which they clearly are with names on the back of jerseys changed to player causes and 'Black Lives Matter' spelled out on the court itself, how in the world can the league express respect for communist Chinese values while tearing down American values?," Travis has said.

Sheffield further stated that the Travis statement demonstrated the NBA, as a unit, "wants to dismantle American values to secure financial stability with China." Last fall, China melted down and discontinued NBA broadcasts over tweets sent by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey in support of democracy for Hong Kong.

Silver, LeBron James and other NBA social justice warriors swallowed their tongues regarding the Hong Kong issue. Or, as Sheffield said, "the entire league went dark," and conservatives criticized the league for its refusal to support freedom protesters in Hong Kong who "showed their hand in politics."

U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) then asked for more transparency from the NBA.

Sheffield exposed the hypocrisy of the NBA for backing the Marxist-founded group Black Lives Matter as it preached for human rights here in America. He said it's also an example of how sports are threatened by the “thought mob”. His colleague Jason Whitlock had made this point: “If you publicly question Black Lives Matter, you’re smeared as racist and judged as unfit to participate in their exclusive fraternity. This is the kind of logic and behavior that fueled slavery, Jim Crow, the Holocaust and most human tragedies.” 

"Silver cements himself into the NBA’s fraternity by backing a candidate that agrees with the NBA’s agenda to attack straying points of view," Sheffield explained. "That is to make no comment to the relationship that the Biden family has with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)." Remarks by influential people in the NBA support this.

Last fall as China cracked down on Hong Kong's freedom, the mob and Commissioner Silver extinguished Morey's tweet. In doing so, they endorsed China's iron-fisted dictatorship.

According to Whitlock, Silver had no choice but to kowtow to the mob. Houston Rockets guard James Harden was also a mob victim for wearing a face mask that appeared to support “Blue Lives Matter.” He was forced to back down for doing that.

Commissioner Silver's donation to Biden also confirmed all the talk in pro and college sports about voting is really aimed at getting Trump out of office. James, football star Pat Mahomes and others are involved in a get out the vote group called More Than a Vote. This group's website said: "Change isn't made by watching from the sidelines. We are Black athletes and artists working together. Our priority right now is combating systemic, racist voter suppression by educating, energizing, and protecting our community in 2020."

James, basketball player Steph Curry and other athletes have trashed and feuded publicly with President Trump and they want him gone.

Kevin Warren, the Big Ten Conference commissioner, said he wanted all of his member schools to call off games and practices on Election Day so their athletes and coaches can vote. They're not fooling anybody about their progressive intentions or any pretense of non-partisan voting drives. They want to register athletes for the Democratic Party who will vote for Democrat Joe Biden.

Sheffield concluded, "Adam Silver has chosen the Democratic party to best represent the NBA family and we’ll see how it turns out."