Abdul-Jabbar Wants a Mea Culpa Speech From Trump on Corona Mistakes

May 15th, 2020 10:00 AM

Trump-hater supreme Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written the speech he believes the president should make to own up for his alleged mistakes in the handling of the COVID-19 crisis. The former NBA star would have President Donald Trump taking the blame for coronavirus deaths and would greatly reduce the president's efforts to campaign for re-election. It's a speech that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would absolutely adore.

Abdul-Jabbar seeks a passionate rallying speech from the president that inspires everyone to do the right thing, because the president has done the wrong things.:

"One thing we could use right now is a passionate rallying speech from our president that inspires us all to do the right thing, not just for ourselves, but for our country. It is the speech Trump should deliver, not because he wants to be reelected, but because it would address the country’s major concerns, end the political squabbling, provide a reasonable plan going forward, and give Americans confidence that their government is working to protect their health and economic concerns. It needs to be the speech of a statesman not a, well, Trump. If I were Trump’s speechwriter, using the lessons I learned from great talks I heard in my basketball career, this is what I would give him to deliver."

That speech would amount to a mea culpa by the commander in chief.:

“We have made mistakes. My administration did not act quickly enough in recognizing the serious threat that Covid-19 posed. We should have, but we didn’t. No excuse is offered because no excuse is acceptable. That delay led to a domino effect of playing catch-up in developing enough testing and in getting necessary medical supplies to health care facilities. But we have learned from our mistakes and those of other countries as well."

Abdul-Jabbar's speech would also have the president using Democrat talking points on racial inequality and voter suppression.:

“The virus has worsened already unacceptable racial and economic disparity in this country. The death rate among the black and Latinx communities is significantly higher than among white communities. I will do everything in my power to change that. The virus is also attacking our democratic process, threatening to keep people of color and those economically challenged from being able to cast their votes in November. I will do everything in my power to ensure every eligible voter’s voice will be counted."

In this proposed speech, President Trump would threaten to prosecute anyone who would use this national crisis as an excuse to marginalize others or harm people on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. If that offends anyone, Trump would tell them not to vote for him. That sound in the background is Joe Biden chuckling.

Also, a President Trump speaking with Abdul-Jabbar's voice would not level accusations against or seek COVID-19-related reprisals from any nation. It would virtually have the president waving the white flag of surrender and bring his campaign to a halt -- sweet music to Biden's ears.:

"To ensure that my focus remains on this task, I will not participate in any campaigning for the 2020 presidency. I will continue to run for the office, but I will let my actions alone be my campaign. How I conduct myself as your leader over these next few months is my campaign.

“I will make no campaign speeches, I will not talk disparagingly of my opponent or his surrogates. There will be no activity regarding the border wall or other divisive issues. We all need to work together to overcome this threat in the here and now, without one eye perpetually on November."

Abdul-Jabbar sums up the speech that has Trump committing political suicide as that of a president determined to lead us during our darkest days. It sets aside all notions of ratings and "personal aggrandizement" to focus on the welfare of the people in their hour of need. "It requires someone who loves the country more than their career. It requires greatness."

There's a much better way to sum up this farcical speech: "I'm Joe Biden, and I approve Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's message."