New Orleans Saints Star Takes Mocks Trump and His Supporters: Duped by MAGA

March 13th, 2020 10:00 AM

National Football League star Michael Thomas gets his news from the Left, and that was evident Wednesday night when he blasted President Donald Trump and his supporters. Thomas, a superstar receiver for the New Orleans Saints, echoed the leftist site Vox in criticizing the president's handling of the coronavirus.

Vox, of course, is parroting the standard narrative of Democrats and their media allies who assert President Trump isn't adequately addressing the pandemic.

Aaron Rupar, of Vox, posted a Tweet showing the president dismissing the criticism as "That's CNN ... fake news".

Above the video, Rupar writes: "63 million people voted for this". An off-camera reporter had questioned Trump on "what he made of the perceptions among some Americans that he wasn't taking the pandemic seriously enough and that his statements contradict advice from health experts."



Newsweek writer Dan Cancian reported that Thomas, who amassed the phenomenal receiving totals of 149 receptions and 1,725 yards last season, "took aim at President Donald Trump and his voters in a strongly-worded tweet on Wednesday night."

Thomas retweeted Rupar's post with the Trump criticism. Later the Saints' three-time All-Pro performer took on Trump's faithful Make America Great Again backers:

"Y'all fell for that MAGA, [emoji] joke's on you now."


The flexibility of the internet affords media the flexibility of updating stories, but Newsweek could not be bothered to move up more important stories ahead of anti-Trump criticism.

Cancian prioritized the high-profile athlete's criticism of the Republican president above several remarkable news stories. Newsweek's biased agenda elevated the following developments below Thomas's criticism of Trump:

The NBA suspended play following Wednesday's games until further notice. That announcement followed the revelation that a member of the Utah Jazz, all-star Rudy Gobert, had tested positive for the coronavirus. A second player has since tested positive.

The NCAA initially announced that the March Madness tournament would go on as scheduled in empty arenas. Since Cancian's story appeared on the Newsweek website, the Big 10, Big 12 and other leagues cancelled their postseason basketball tournaments, and the NCAA cancelled Division I men's and women's basketball tournaments. The men's March Madness earns the NCAA a billion-dollar bundle and is one the most popular sports events of the year, but the story rates below Thomas's anti-Trump barbs. Think about that.

Major League Baseball has canceled the remainder of spring training and is pushing back the start of the regular season by at least two weeks.

Newsweek's editorial decision making does two things: 1) it leaves a lot to be desired, and 2) demonstrates undisputable bias.