NBA Star Treated as Folk a Hero for Parading Trans Child Through LGBT Awards Ceremony

March 11th, 2020 10:00 AM

Former NBA star guard Dwyane Wade, his actress wife Gabrielle Union and their son Zion, 12, attended the 2020 "Falsehood" Awards ceremony sponsored by an LGBT pressure group in Los Angeles Saturday night. That's not exactly how the event was described by the parallel universe of the far Left though.

"Dwyane Wade and wife Gabrielle Union joined his 12-year-old daughter, Zaya, as she made her red carpet debut over the weekend," writes Ree Hines of Today:

"The family stepped out in bright and bold coordinating fashions for The Truth Awards, an annual event that celebrates members and allies of the Black LGBTQ+ community, Saturday night in Los Angeles.


"For the event, Zaya wore a silk suit featuring a jade tailcoat and black slacks with a fuchsia accent from bespoke label Richfresh, which also designed complimentary looks for Wade and Union."

A 13-time NBA All-Star and league champion for the Miami Heat, Wade called the night out with his wife and transgender child “a dope experience" on social media, according to the Today report.

Fellow travelers at CNN announced online that the Wade's child was "assigned male at birth and came out as transgender to her parents." Twelve years have gone by, and this person doing the assigning was wrong? Apparently so! Wise beyond her few years, Zion knew she was trans at the ripe old age of three, her dad said last month.

Papa Wade was beaming in an Instagram post about his child's big, shining moment:

"Everyone allow her to re-introduce herself her name is Zaya Wade! Last night was Zaya’s first red carpet and we couldn’t have been prouder of how she handled the questions that were asked of her. She has emerged as one of the young faces and voices for the LGBTQ+ community. #truthawards"


Union, the child's step-mother, also gushed about the night among gender-bending friends. Her social media post reads:

"We keep moving forward. We keep leading with love, light, and hope for a more inclusive world. Stay put and stay mad if you want. We keep it pushing. Always "



Hines adds, "As stepmom Union put it in a post of her own, 'It was an EPIC night filled with so much love & a real sense of community. It was important for Zaya to be a part of such a beautiful night & reminding her of all the love & support she has. We were moved to tears so many times throughout the night. So much gratitude.' "

CNN writers Kristen Rogers and Melissa Gray guzzled pitchers of LGBT Kool-Aid, too:

"Zaya wore a custom Richfresh suit to the event that featured a bright green suit jacket and button-down with flared black dress pants and a hot pink diagonal stripe detail. She carried a hot pink clutch and accessorized with rings and a necklace.

"Her parents matched her: Wade and Union wore coordinating black and white suits with hot pink and green tops underneath."

Rather than address their child's gender confusion, father and step-mother have both chosen to become folk heroes to the LGBT agenda by celebrating a child's confusion. They recently told Ellen DeGeneres they want to give their child the best opportunity to be her "best self." More than a few geeked-up media said the dad is deserving of a father of the year award.

Are you paying attention, ESPN? You could add a new "Parents of the Year" category at this summer's ESPY Awards. Your choice of the Wades would be a slam dunk for the radical left.