SBNation Outsports Decries 'Shameful War' Against Transgender Athletes

February 15th, 2020 10:00 AM

Unquestionably one of the hottest controversies raging in American sports and the culture war in general is the battle over transgender males unfairly invading female sports. Predictably, left-stream media are blind to the ethical fallacy of boys mopping up in girls' competition, and the issue is heating up in the nation's courts, too. SBNation Outsports blog describes a "shameful war" taking place against transgenders whose self-esteem and well-being are being attacked for cheap political gain.

On Thursday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit on behalf of three girls, all high school sprinters in Connecticut, complaining about the state forcing them to compete against boys. Two boys in particular have broken 15 state girls' track and field records (see above photo of one of them winning a girls race), relegating the girls to also-ran status in what should be their sport.

Media leftists are always complaining about so-called "war" against one group or another, and Alex Reimer, the deputy managing editor of SBNation Outsports, writes transgenders are the latest victims.:

"There is a war being waged against transgender student-athletes in the U.S. Across the country, conservative state legislators are trying to prevent trans children from competing in sports according to their gender identity. They say their discriminatory legislation is meant to preserve the competitive integrity of youth and high school athletics. But the truth is, their proposals single out vulnerable groups of children, prohibiting them embracing their identities on the field, court and ice."

Reimer says at least 10 states are legislatively attempting to legalize discrimination against transgender student-athletes, with Arizona and Iowa the latest to join "the shameful group this week." Kansas is also about to take legislative action to protect the integrity of girls sports.

These are "draconian measures," mostly aimed at female sports, by legislators and governors, Reimer writes. He disputes that boys have an unfair competitive advantage over so-called "cisgender girls." Reimer disputes the obvious by sticking his head in the sand:

"There is also no evidence transgender athletes possess competitive advantages over their cisgender peers. In fact, as LGBTQ sports advocate Helen Carroll told the Wired, there are as many as 200 transgender athletes competing in NCAA sports — and most of them haven’t caused any controversy."

So, are we to believe Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, the two boys blowing away the competition in Connecticut, are beating smaller, weaker girls purely on good luck alone? Whatever happened to the Left's clamor for equality? These boys are evidently more "equal" than others, according to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which governs prep sports in Connecticut.

Reimer took issue with Arizona, where current policy requires transgender students to get approval from the Arizona Interscholastic Association to compete in sports matching their gender identity.:

"The unwieldy bureaucratic process can create complications, such as when one transgender middle school student was misplaced on the boys’ track roster for the first couple of meets. The girl’s father told the Phoenix New Times his daughter was shellshocked by the experience, and quit playing sports for the rest of middle school."

What's the world coming to when boys have to compete against boys? Should one confused boy be allowed to overhaul the state's rules and subject girls to unfair disadvantages? That's "justice," LGBT style.

In a related story Thursday night on the Connecticut girls' lawsuit, SBNation Outsports emailed a list of accusatory questions to ADF.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies you (ADF) as an "anti-LGBT hate group.'' What's your response to that?

ADF views trans girls as biological males, but Scientific American and other publications have called that view “transphobic.” What's your response?

The SPLC is a "thoroughly discredited" group, "morally corrupt both inside and out—as reported by The New York Times last May," ADF responded. Also, ADF argued it's trying to ensure "that girls are able to compete and experience the thrill of victory that Title IX was designed to provide them when passed nearly 50 years ago."