Mercury News Sports Sticking to Gun Control With Second Amendment Foe Steve Kerr

The man being interviewed said the President has crossed the line, that his movement is gun control and that we need people to vote in good conscience, not some crazy people who think their freedom is tied to owning an AR-15. He wasn't a politico appearing on MSNBC. No, he's Steve Kerr, a would-be gun grabber and head coach of the NBA's defending champion Golden State Warriors. The man doing the interview was Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury-News, who had no intention of sticking to sports.

With game one of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, Medina said there was no need for the coach to stick to sports. Kerr talks Warriors every day, after all, and there's no need to travel that familiar road again. Instead, Kerr and Medina talked about political discourse and guns, among other non-basketball topics. This is your politicized sports section in 2019.

Medina wanted to know about Kerr's outlook on the good elements of society prevailing over bad elements. That's when the coach showed his inner activist:

My movement is the gun control and gun safety measures. Things are finally starting to change in that area. But over 90 percent of Americans want universal background checks. Then yet the leaders in Congress have votes that do not reflect the will of the American people. So the only way that can change is if you vote them out. So I’m encouraged by some of the gun control groups and gun safety groups like the Brady Campaign, the Sandy Hook Promise, March for Our Lives, the Giffords’ group. What is happening is, especially for March for Our Lives, there is a group of young people fed up with all of these school shootings. They are setting up these chapters all over the country. What each chapter is trying to do is get people to vote.

The National Rifle Association is standing in the way of the gun grabbers, said Kerr, who has a history of undermining the Second Amendment. In the photo above, he spoke to students at a Newark Memorial High School town hall on gun control in 2018.

The NRA "has always been really powerful and has always funded elections at the grassroots level," Kerr told Medina. But now groups obsessed with gun control "are actually starting to fund elections themselves. So as the money evens out and influence evens out, these younger generations are going to impose the will of the people."

Kerr went on to call people who only want to maintain their Second Amendment right to defend themselves lunatics: "So the hope lies in people voting in good conscience for the protection and safety and each other and not some crazed, fringe viewpoint that somehow our freedom is tied to our right to an AR-15."

A frequent critic of President Donald Trump, Kerr blamed the commander-in-chief and social media for the political divide in America.

"But people have crossed the line now. It’s starting with the President. It’s to the point now it’s Orwellian stuff like doctoring the video of [Nancy] Pelosi. People doctored the video," Kerr said.

Without naming the sources of fake news perpetuated by major television networks and major metro daily papers pushing the agendas of the far left, Kerr continued: "Misinformation, purposeful misinformation and lies combined with modern technology is a really terrifying force. It’s further dividing our country. It’s scary."

Kerr said it "literally is '1984.' It’s propaganda. It’s terrifying."

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