Deadspin's Trans Writer Blasts Conservative Opponents of Equality Act

April 3rd, 2019 10:00 PM

It didn't require a spokesperson from an LGBT pressure group to denounce opponents of the proposed Equality Act debated Tuesday in the House Judiciary Committee hearing. A transgender member of the media did the job for those organizations, royally trashing conservatives opposed to males intruding on women's sports. Trans Deadspin writer Lauren Thiesen, a biological male who competed against men in sports until ninth-grade basketball tryouts 10 years ago and then became a "queer blogger," slammed opponents of the Equality Act.

"But, unsurprisingly, this legislation has raised the ire of folks like social conservatives looking for a new stupid controversy to hump since opposing gay marriage became politically unsustainable, angry straights obsessed with their own fear of gender nonconformity, and numbskulls who think Tootsie is a documentary," Thiesen wrote.

Who are the "numbskulls"? There are plenty of them, according to Thiesen:

  • Doreen Denny, senior director of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America, appearing on Fox News: "The bill would create a world in which women and girls are no longer recognized, protected or dignified as uniquely female. ... A college coach could choose to give a scholarship to a transgender athlete over a female athlete knowing the biology of the former gives the team a competitive advantage."
  • Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert: “You’ll have men’s sports, and you’ll have co-ed sports” as a consequence of the Equality Act.
  • Breitbart's Dr. Susan Berry: “The measure would likely force American women throughout the country to relinquish their rights to privacy, safety, and the ability to compete in sports ‘equally.’”
  • The Wall Street Journal's Abigail Shrier for stating the act “directly competes with the rights of women and girls," and "Biological boys who identify as girls would gain an instant entitlement to compete on girls’ teams in all 50 states.”
  • Georgia Republican Congressman Doug Collins, who predicted the bill's passage would result in women, lesbians and families becoming the collateral damage of "identity politics.”
  • The Heritage Foundation's Monica Burke: “Women can expect to lose more and more opportunities (for college scholarships) to biological males who have a natural advantage in sports and physical activities.”

Thiesen called these comments "bullshit" and claimed the Equality Act would, if passed and signed into law, "create a fantastic opportunity" to protect trans athletes (see photo of 6-foot, 2-inch, 220-pound Hannah Mouncey, a "trans women's" handball player crushing a girl in Australia).

She read right-wing blogs and found it fascinating to learn that two women (males actually, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood) who dominated girls track and field events in Connecticut generated more disgust than Mack Beggs, an "actual" man (a biological girl) "forced to compete against women[.]"

If superstar trans female athletes are such an enormous threat to cis women, where the hell are they? Why isn't there a LeBron James dominating women's sports, Thiesen asked: "[S]cience and history both show us that the apocalyptic predictions about women’s sports peddled by these culture war-monger doomsayers masquerading as feminists won’t come to pass."

Thiesen finished with a wildly contradictory prediction: "Trans people are the future, and we’re absolutely coming to take over the world. But women’s sports will be just fine."