Outsports Extends Anti-Christian Attack To In-N-Out Burger For Feeding Liberty Basketball Team

Progressive sports media's anti-Christian "jihad" reached a new level of ridiculousness Sunday as an Outsports blogger attacked In-N-Out Burger because the Liberty University team ate a post-game meal there after its first-round victory in the NCAA basketball tournament Friday night.

Throughout the first two rounds of March Madness, Outsports and Deadspin have both kept up attacks on NCAA Tournament teams Liberty and Abilene Christian over their faith-based beliefs and conservative politics. Outsports extended the assault to In-N-Out in Dawn Ennis's take-down Sunday, " Liberty University players celebrate their win with bible verses at In-N-Out Burger."

The Liberty Flames upset Mississippi State in the basketball tournament's first round Friday and then the team ate at In-N-Out Burger. With Liberty already trashed here, here and here, Ennis ridicules In-N-Out Burger for pushing Christian values, printing scripture on its food wrappers and for making a campaign contribution in 2018 to the Republican Party of California.

Are businesses only allowed to donate to the Democrats now?

Ennis writes:

"In-N-Out isn’t a very surprising choice for Liberty University, since the chain openly touts its founders’ Christian values with bible verses printed on its wrappers. This month, Campus Pride named the far-right religious institution as one of the 150 schools on its 'Shame List' for supporting anti-LGBTQ discrimination on campus and in employment. Liberty is the only university on the list still competing in the NCAA men’s tournament.

"In August 2018, Fortune magazine triggered outrage when it reported the restaurant chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party."

Ennis says the restaurant's $25,000 donation to Republicans sparked a boycott by Democrats (endorsed by the head of the California Democratic Party) and progressives. She ignored how Christians rallied to support In-N-Out Burger and Chick-Fil-A after LGBT pressure groups targeted them for their biblical beliefs.

For those who may have been too distracted by March Madness to notice, the Human Rights Campaign had previously scored In-N-Out Burger a zero in its "Workplace Equality Guide." Outsports would probably prefer college basketball teams keep this guide handy so they can find politically correct restaurants to eat at following their tournament games.

It gets "worse" — to Ennis, the would-be "political donations and restaurants cop." Fortune previously reported the painful truth that In-N-Out’s late CEO, Rich Snyder, was ... and current president Lynsi Snyder is ... ugh ... an evangelical Christian and supporter of Republican candidates.

Outsports is shocked that In-N-Out is now supporting Republicans. The burger place had previously donated to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a PAC that supports Democrats.

Political incorrectness aside, In-N-Out is greedy, too. Its store managers make six figures, Ennis points out. Between that and the employees' Christ-like service, it's just an "awful" place grab a quick meal.

On Sunday evening, Virginia Tech eliminated Liberty from the tournament. Abilene Christian had already lost in the first round, so maybe the progressive blogs will call off the attack against Christians who excel at basketball and restaurants that provide great food and service. She was glad that the Flames couldn't visit another "bigoted restaurant," noting Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays.

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