WaPo's Brewer Demands 'Bigots' Celebrate Olympians' Sexual Orientation

February 14th, 2018 5:49 PM

Eat your hearts out all you bigots and start celebrating homosexual Olympians, writes The Washington Post columnist Jerry Brewer in a 1,300-word "PSA" for LGBT activists. Homosexual U.S. Olympic athletes Gus Kenworthy (right) and Adam Rippon (at left in photograph) are now free men and it's wonderful, not controversial, Brewer writes. If you disagree with him, you have a serious problem.

"Gus Kenworthy is free. Eat your heart out, Mike Pence, and anyone else predisposed to sneering at his good, gay life," Brewer writes with an imagination that completely fabricated the idea of sneering by Pence.

Somehow in the era of Trump and Pence the United States is fielding its most diverse Winter Olympic squad ever. Pre-dating these Olympic Games, it's been a steady media drumbeat on race and gender. Anyone perceived to oppose LGBT policy positions is taken down by LGBT groups and the left-stream media. Fear of them has largely eliminated public opposition. Tolerance is no longer enough, and now Brewer demands we celebrate homosexuality:

"Some wonder why the latter deserves such recognition. They must not understand the harsh effects of social exclusion. It’s too easy to marginalize, to judge and to hinder people considered different. So Kenworthy’s pride matters. He’s one of the best in the world at what he does. And he’s gay. Don’t merely tolerate it. Celebrate it."

Fail to do that and you'll be taken down. LGBT athletes and supportive media have used the Olympic stage to advocate against conversion therapy through attacks on Vice-president Pence as well.

Brewer wrote that "Kenworthy doesn’t want to be known merely as 'the gay skier, the gay Olympian.' But for now, it’s important that he live with the label to change perceptions and counter the hatred ..."

Brewer expects to see more athletes skating, skiing, curling out of the closet in the future. Though in this day and age there really isn't much of a closet anymore. Think Bruce Jenner, Michael Sam and Jason Collins and all the Women's NBA lesbians and the overwhelming media adulation they reaped. The media practically worship them and any fear factor for LGBT athletes seems more illusion than real.

Yet Brewer thinks it takes courage for the Kenworthys to come out publicly and emerge with a newfound freedom. Brewer fires his final shot at those who don't dummy up to the LGBT juggernaut:

"Eat your hearts out, bigots."

That's been the Olympic theme message established by an Instagram post of Kenworthy's and repeated by media parrots. But what is it we're supposed to envy here? We're actually grieving the loss of our former go-to media for sports results, media who have traded objective reporting for politics, race-baiting, LGBT and social justice activism.