HuffPo: Twitter Users ‘School’ Kavanaugh on Urban Dictionary Terms

September 28th, 2018 4:07 PM

In the lowest point of a disgraceful day, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI., questioned Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the meaning of certain words he wrote in a yearbook in the 1980s. Kavanaugh’s answers were, according to liberal outlets, lies.

David Moye of the Huffington Post made an unconvincing entry into that conversation with a Sept. 27 article titled “Twitter Users School Brett Kavanaugh On Real Meanings Of ‘Boof’ And ‘Devil’s Triangle’.” Essentially, Moye tried to dub random Twitter users and the site Urban Dictionary as twin fountains of definitive knowledge about the slang used by Georgetown Prep students during Reagan’s first term.

In question are the terms “boof” and “devil’s triangle,” both of which appeared in Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook and were the subject of a back-and-forth between Sen. Whitehouse and Kavanaugh during the hearing. Kavanaugh attested that the former was used to describe flatulence, and that the latter was used to describe a drinking game.

Moye showcased several Twitter personalities who had consulted the infallible tome of Urban Dictionary to try to prove Kavanaugh wrong. “Boof,” according to them, meant either consuming drugs through one’s anus or it was a term for anal sex. A look at the Urban Dictionary page for “boof” reveals that, while the “top definition” does indeed mention anal sex, the most upvoted definition by far simply refers to “[s]omething that is whack, shitty, dumb, or fucked up.” Another definition on the page which supposedly originated in Washington, DC is a euphemism for marijuana. So far, the Democrats haven’t accused Kavanaugh of drug use.

As for “devil’s triangle,” the tweeters claimed it stood for a threesome consisting of two men and one woman, and that is the most consistent definition on Urban Dictionary (though the page for the term is now littered with entries meant to disparage Kavanaugh). However, this is a distinctly sexual use of this term, which is also commonly used to refer to the Bermuda Triangle; board games and rock songs also carry the moniker. To assume that the term was automatically sexual in nature and consistent with the Urban Dictionary definition would be to assume the truth of one’s own conclusion.

Americans want truth, and Huffington Post encouraging Twitter fight-mongers is not helping.