Dems Harness the Magic of Hip Hop To Pull in Georgia Senate Victory

January 5th, 2021 2:05 PM

Atlanta, Georgia, the “Mecca of Hip Hop'' will be using its greatest cultural export in order to usher in a future of one party Democrat rule for our nation. 

Even though African Americans need only open their eyes to see the disasters that the Democrat government has afforded them in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, pillars of their rap community like rapper Jeezy, Killer Mike and 2 Chainz have been performing at and hosting events aimed at turning out the vote for far-left U.S. Senate Candidates Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff. reported on the various Hip Hop artists working to wrest control of the U.S. Senate from the GOP, writing that the rap community in Atlanta played a significant role in making Biden president and that they aim to be as successful with the January 5 runoffs. 

The website claimed, “Communities of color in Atlanta and the surrounding areas were key to Biden’s narrow win against Trump in the Peach State, where the Black vote is especially powerful, hip-hop artists are hoping to boost turnout and deliver another win for Democrats.” It’s not called the “Black Mecca” by locals for nothing. Georgia State University professor Lakeyta Bonette-Bailey claimed that Atlanta features a large “concentration not only of wealthy Blacks, but educated, highly educated Blacks.”

Bonette-Bailey also dubbed the city as the “Mecca of Hip Hop,” adding that although “Hip-hop started in the northeast, in the Bronx… more hip-hop artists that are coming out of Atlanta.” 

Take it from rapper Jeezy, whom ABC cited speaking like a constitutional scholar to Rolling Stone last week. “If the right people are not in the Senate, it’s gonna make it hard for the Biden-Harris administration to do anything they need to do and that they promised to us.” Though Jeezy need not worry about the Senate messing with his Biden-Harris wish list. Dems are already distancing themselves from defunding the police and the Black Lives Matter platform without Republican resistance.

The rapper added, “So here with this runoff, we have to continue to do the same thing, because we can’t fight half the battle and then not finish the war.” So the aim is to not just kill half the accomplishment of lowest black unemployment, but all of it? Ok then. 

Rappers from all over the country have participated in Georgia Senate election benefits. Common, BRS Kash, Moneybagg Yo, Tokyo Jetz and J.I.D. all performed at concerts which featured the two Senate candidates as guests. On January 3, a Michelle Obama non-profit concert featured performances by Rick Ross, Common, Jeezy, Monica and DJ Drama.

Other hip hop artists, like mega famous rapper T.I. and “Run The Jewels’” Killer Mike have promoted the Democrats and the run-offs in recent weeks, and another Atlanta rapper, 2 Chainz even promised one lucky Dem an actual Tesla vehicle if they pledged to vote in the election.

Well good for them … right? Actually, not really. Why would the majority African American hip hop scene want the same party that oversees a city with “virtually the same murder rate as Chicago” in 2020, to wield major power over the whole nation. And to think that much of the Democrat Party is thinking that less police is a productive solution to such problems. Seems pretty counterintuitive.