So Wholesome: Cartoon Network Grooms Kids With Trans Agenda

December 15th, 2020 4:16 PM

You know you’re old when you can think back on a time when Cartoon Network proudly gendered their cartoon characters. Nowadays, “The Powerpuff Girls” wouldn’t be considered inclusive enough for the children’s entertainment network. Case in point: the animation channel’s latest social media post which tells kids that being a pansexual genderqueer androgynous whatever is just as normal as being a boy or a girl.

Cartoon Network, like almost everything else in this earthly realm, is seemingly suffering from a bout of leftwing crazy. 

On December 14, the channel’s Twitter account posted a series of educational comic strips featuring trans propaganda for the edification of viewers, most of which are children obviously. In any normal circles, this would be viewed as the opposite of kid friendly or educational. 

The tweet in question featured animation in the style of the network’s animated program “Steven Universe” which explained the concept of “Gender Pronouns” for all the impressionable youngsters out there. In one instance, the series of images included a lesson on not misgendering an individual based on their outward appearance, claiming, “We can’t tell someone’s gender just by looking at them, and shouldn’t assume we know.” Uh oh. It added, “There are many gender identities beyond ‘boy’ and ‘girl.’ Some people don’t identify as any gender!”

Yes, and parents, make sure you teach your kids to say “boy” and “girl” while gesticulating with air quotes, just to hammer home the point that male and female are relative social constructs. 

Cartoon Network also provided several examples of inclusive pronouns like “they/them” or “ze/zir.” Wow, how informative! It then introduced a series of panels where several trans African American children were explaining to an ignorant child how outdated and woefully binary her view of pronouns was. 

In the segment, one young human -- er -- specimen(?) introduced themself to the ignorant child, saying, “Hi! My name is Kam. My pronouns are they/them.” Another introduces themself, saying, “I’m Alex! Mine are they/them too! I feel seen.” Of course a thought bubble appears over the less informed child, indicating that she had been only familiar with pronouns “she/her” and “he/him.”

Again, parents please instruct your little munchkin that that child is backwards and to never be unwoke like her, otherwise she’ll have no friends. 

Cartoon Network closed out their educational comic strip with the message that “Using someone’s pronouns shows respect. We all need to be seen and loved for who we are!” Though that a children’s program would encourage kids to forgo biological reality for the sake of appeasing another person, is probably quite confusing, especially when they're school age and first trying to come to terms with very real things.  Not to mention it encourages gender confusion most definitely, which is extremely harmful.

The post then shared a link to a PDF with educational material on “gender justice,” titled “Words Matter.” The document was compiled by the National Black Justice Coalition. Of course, that’s for the parents. 

Still, the channel captioned its post, saying, “Here's to not only normalizing gender pronouns, but respecting them, too. Whether you use he/she/them or something else, we acknowledge and LOVE you!” What they meant to say is, here’s to normalizing mental illness in innocent schoolchildren.