Report Says Disney Threatening to Cancel ‘Mandalorian’ Spinoff Over Actress’s Tweets

December 11th, 2020 5:10 PM

Star Wars star Gina Carano’s politically incorrect Twitter persona might cost her an upcoming Disney show if she doesn’t apologize. 

Apparently, Carano has found herself in more controversy for social media posts. Pop culture outlet “We Got This Covered” cited the claim from one reputable Hollywood insider that The Mandalorian actress has been threatened with the cancellation of her upcoming Star Wars spin off show if she doesn’t apologize for being critical of liberal groupthink.

The actress, who plays a former Rebel mercenary-turned-freedom fighter on the massively popular Disney+ series, has routinely attacked current cultural narratives she disagrees with. She’s gone after what she believes have been overbearing and job-killing COVID lockdown orders, has rebuked online trans activists who have gone after her for refusing to put her pronouns in her Twitter bio, and pushed back against those that have called her a “fuckin’ racist” for not publicly-endorsing the tenets of Black Lives Matter. 

Of course, Carano is well within her rights to post her opinions online, and these certainly aren’t the most right-wing perspectives in the world. Honestly, most of the cases seem to be her defending her position from aggressors who think her opinions are backwards, and the people trying to get her cancelled have revealed themselves to be intolerant of anything that doesn’t pass the left-wing radical purity test. 

Again, she’s never claimed to be conservative, or a Trump-supporter for that matter, she just maintains that she’s against "cowards and bullies."

But according to pop culture reporter Daniel Richtman, the whining Carano has inspired among the woke mob on Twitter has prompted Disney to issue a warning to the actress and former MMA fighter. There has been talk of the actress’s character getting a spinoff series based on Cara Dune, but Disney has supposedly threatened to pull that off the table if Carano doesn’t apologize for her Twitter persona.

On his Patreon account, Richtman said he had it on good knowledge that “Disney told Gina Carano she needs to apologize if she wants her own spinoff.”

Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed, but “We Got This Covered” claimed that Richtman “has a proven track record when it comes to Hollywood scoops,” so they’re inclined to believe him. It also wouldn’t be the most far fetched thing to envision Disney doing this as the anti-Carano hate mob has been generating headlines against the actress for the past several months.

Just two weeks ago, entertainment outlet published a piece titled, “Can Disney Fire Gina Carano From The Mandalorian for Being Depressingly Normal?” Perhaps a company as progressive and inclusive Disney sees all this negative press as a liability. 

Either way, we are rooting for Carano. Her character is good and it’s nice to know that as an actress she brings a bit of intellectual diversity to Disney’s roster. Disney needs to stick by her.