At Snobbish Benefit Event, Clooney Overjoyed that Trump ‘Dark Ages’ Are Over

December 8th, 2020 12:33 PM

George Clooney’s recent Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit was an event that personified the smarmy elitism that is the real virus plaguing the United States.

The virtual evening, put on by New York’s MoMA, gave tribute to the film career of Clooney, a Hollywood A-lister and philanthropist, whose latest work has been less focused on being behind the camera and more concerned with giving huge donations to Joe Biden’s campaign. During the evening Clooney gave a speech congratulating himself and his fellow stars on getting through the dark ages of the Trump presidency.

Of course. 

Held on December 7, the evening featured virtual appearances from several big names in the industry. Actress Tilda Swinton made an appearance, as well as The Batman actor and leftwing lunatic Jeffrey Wright, Juliana Margulies (Clooney’s ER co-star), David Letterman, British actress Felicity Jones and others. A Star is Born’s Bradley Cooper even took time to show up while in costume on the set of his own film.

So yeah, it was an exciting virtual night (if that could ever be the case) where a bunch of Hollywood heavy-hitters came out to kiss the Oceans Elevens star’s behind. At one point during the love fest, Swinton gushed, “I’m here to say this, you’re just a good one. You’re a good man. You have a great heart. You’re super kind, man.” 

“I really love you. I want to see more of you please,” the actress added. Get a room for that, lady. 

Fresh off of filming, Cooper added to the fawning, saying, “You have inspired us and you have allowed us to dream big because of the way you have lived your life as an artist in this business.” 

And you know, it’s nice that people can come together and really make Clooney feel special about his Hollywood career. He should celebrate. But Clooney had to go and paint his gratitude with a big fat anti-Trump virtue signal, something he loves to do that makes us all want to turn the channel when any of his films come on.

In his acceptance speech, Clooney celebrated getting through the darkness of the past year and heaped praise upon his industry for handling it well. Though we initially assumed he was referring to surviving COVID, Clooney indicated with a joke that the “dark ages” he was referencing was the Trump presidency.

The actor claimed, “We have faced an overwhelming threat that has affected people all over the world. But what I want to say to all of you is that we're going to get through it. This scourge that's disrupted so many lives, it’s terrified us, wrecked our economy, left us feeling like there’s no hope.” Yeah COVID was bad for Hollywood, right?

However, he added “We will soon say goodbye to the dark ages. Goodbye to fear. Goodbye to doubt. Goodbye to the anxiety. Once this is over and Trump's out of office, we should probably do something about COVID, too.” 

Oh, we see what he did there. Real funny.