Actor/Rapper LL Cool J Equates Aborting Babies to Not Wearing Your Mask

November 18th, 2020 3:21 PM

90s rapper and B movie actor LL Cool J has just put the Twitter smackdown on anti-mask wearers and pro-life people, so he thinks. Too bad he never realized there’s nothing hard core about being so afraid of viruses to the point of wanting the government to start controlling people’s lives. 

LL Cool J, the man behind rap song, “Mama Said Knock You Out” and actor from 90s shark movie Deep Blue Sea, mustered up all his lyrical powers on November 17 to come up a with a cliche, and shallow rebuke of anti-maskers and pro-life people. 

Thinking he was exposing some great hypocrisy, Cool J tweeted his earth-shattering question: “How can you be pro life but unwilling to wear a mask ??” Oh damn, frame that one, J. Well he essentially did, pinning it to his Twitter profile as if he just beat the conservative movement’s entire platform in one epic tweet.

Excuse me, LL, Your Grandma’s Facebook page called. It wants its half-baked, cringeworthy post back.

There’s plenty of stupid here to go after -- the first thing being the general cowardly impression given by someone who built a career on a tough guy image. Cool J ain’t afraid of rival gangs, bullets nor genetically-modified Mako sharks, but he’s terrified of a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate? Sounds weak.

Not to mention, LL is callous enough to compare a virus, which practically poses less of a threat to real life humans than fictional movie sharks, to a procedure that poses a 100% mortal threat to defenseless unborn children.



Yeah again, perhaps it sounds good to the braindead Twitter mob, but conservatives on the platform pointed out the inverse hypocrisy of the actor’s statement. Several conservative users, including Samantha Marika and “Catturd” pointed out the irony that suddenly pro-choice lefties are all about making people forgo choice in wearing a mask.

Samantha asked, “How can you be pro choice but force us to wear a mask?” Yeah, how about that? And Catturd cemented the point, commenting, “My body - my choice. Remember?”

Yeah so much for being a tough guy. LL Cool J’s manhood is now attached to throwing unborn children’s lives under the bus in order to encourage compliance to overbearing government lockdowns

But we’re not surprised. These “artists” get older and the allure of their cushy Beverly Hills lives, combined with the lack of understanding that bigger government begets tyranny, makes them totally content to advocate horrible responses to an epidemic. Hey your small business might die due to government mandates, but Cool J’s already got his mansion and fleet of luxury vehicles. He’s good.

Still, Cool J had a retort for people who say that he’s one of the lucky ones. Shortly after his braindead post, he tweeted, “It’s time to get something clear. Calling me ‘Hollywood’ is not an insult. I came from Queens and busted my ass to get here. I earned every dime.  I’m absolutely ‘HOLLYWOOD’. A true hustler will sell everything but his soul. Fuck your envy..”



Though LL sold his soul when he became pro-choice, and no one cares if he “busted” his “ass” to get to where he is when he’s in favor of letting the government burn the bridge that would allow other people to achieve the same dreams.