Spider-Man vs. Toxic Masculinity?

August 21st, 2019 3:12 PM

Marvel really needs the SJW market for some reason, so it’s injecting its latest Spider-Man comic with a pro-feminist, anti-patriarchy bent that should genuinely please only a handfull of comic book readers. Look we get that the market is diversifying, we’re told that every day, but does Marvel really think its audience wants its violence-prone superheroes tackling gender politics?

Well apparently the authors of Amazing Spider-Man #27 find it compelling. For the latest in the saga of everybody’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the writing team concocted a set of villains so sinister, so powerful that they would cause any handsy frat-boy or creepy office boss to wake up in cold sweats.

That’s right, the new Spider-Man villain teams consists of super-powered women whose megalomaniacal ambitions are powered by deep hatred of, you guessed it, “toxic masculinity.” CBR.com reported, “They want to bring down the patriarchy and, more so, take a shot against toxic masculinity in a New York that they believe should have more women in power.” Ah, well you know what they say about scorned women. We’ll see if Spidey can handle ‘em.

Dubbed the “Syndicate," the villainess group has been employed by local crime boss William Fisk to help rid New York of his enemies to make it a more suitable place for crime. Presumably the Syndicate were promised with all sorts of feminist utopian options for their help and damn it they’re going on those superhero takedown missions.

The first one is hilarious. The group first chooses to ensnare Spider-Man’s superpowered roommate Boomerang, a decision partly motivated by how forward he was toward them at a bar. Good grief. CBR wrote, “flashbacks show Boomerang obnoxiously hitting on Lady Octopus, Scorpia, and White Rabbit.” Gasp, Boomerang, NO! This is how universe-enslaving villains are made!

The outlet agreed, adding, “The women are rightfully annoyed, and as their vendetta comes to light, it turns out Boomerang might have crossed some lines with his forward behavior and frat-boy mentality.” Shockingly, there’s more. During Boomerang’s confrontation with the ladies, “he tries to mansplain” which “only further angers the women.”

The ladies explain that the crime fighting world is a hotbed of “toxic masculinity” and why toppling it is their duty. Each of the ladies monologue about their own personal feminist origin stories. Lady Octopus was belittled by criminal Alistar Smythe, that chauvinist Rhino “doesn’t treat Scorpion equally,” and “White Rabbit admits Hawkeye makes passes at her in battle.” And we’re surprised when people become supervillains?

It seems that not even New York City’s underbelly of sexism can get away. Thank goodness for Spider-Man #27.