‘Whiteness Killing Us:’ Former CO House Candidate Tweets Anti-White Rant

August 13th, 2019 1:31 PM

Finally, a lefty who doesn’t blame guns for shootings. No, Indian American activist and former Democratic congressional candidate for Colorado Saira Rao knows what’s really going on: “whiteness — ALL WHITENESS — is killing us.”

Rao shared her conclusion in an August 12 tweet. The mass shootings by white males in Dayton and El Paso -- combined with her tolerant, sunny liberalism -- convinced the former candidate that America needs a campaign for “ending whiteness.”

Rao began by tweeting, “White people are shooting up mosques. White people are shooting up synagogues. White people are shooting up gurdwaras. White people are shooting up schools. White people are shooting Black children. White people are shooting brown children.” She then moved on to bashing police officers and border agents (an explicitly white tool, apparently) adding, “Police murder Black people for sitting, standing, breathing. White America has caged Black and brown people in concentration camps.”

Rao kept pushing, signaling that this isn’t about right or leftist political policy or a certain religious persuasion but sins inherently tied to the color of a certain people’s skin. “White people are killing us. Whiteness is killing us… White people, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, rich, poor, private sector, public sector, religious, agnostic, atheist, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Mississippi, Denver, San Francisco, North Dakota continue to steal from us, speak over us, speak for us, throw us under the bus, ghost us, talk smack about us.”

Again she wrote, “Whiteness — ALL WHITENESS — is killing us.” She then issued a final charge to any likeminded racists out there (and if Rao isn’t a racist the word has lost all meaning), demanding, “Make a banner about Ending Whiteness. March Against Whiteness. Rally Against Whiteness. Raise your megaphone Against Whiteness. Take to the streets Against Whiteness.”

Conservative Steven Crowder of TheBlaze’s “Louder With Crowder” dismissed Rao’s BS with a mocking “You seem nice.”

Rao has been virulently anti-white on social media for some time now. In June 2018, Rao retweeted an obnoxious New York Times headline which read, “Should I Give Up On White People?,” with her response being a resounding “YES.”

At the time, she justified it as an appropriate response to “white supremacy,” explaining, “It is incumbent upon white people to dismantle white supremacy, black and brown people cannot do that. We have been toiling and toiling and toiling, and it’s still there.”

Rao’s bile is so toxic, even other lefties have disavowed her. Colorado Democratic state representative Paul Rosenthal rebuked Rao in July 2018, tweeting, “I disagree w/ @sairasameerarao. If we aren't united across all races to work against racism & celebrate diversity, we can't succeed. As bold progressives, if we splinter & snipe at each other, racists will not get the message they need to change.”

Rao certainly hasn’t gotten that message.