Hollywood Weighs in on Caravan Crisis: ‘Asswipe’ Trump ‘Tear-Gassing Babies’

November 26th, 2018 12:52 PM

Tensions have risen as members of the infamous migrant caravan have attempted to storm ports of entry at the U.S.-Mexican border near San Diego. Despite news of undeterred migrants throwing rocks at and charging the U.S. gates, the lefties in Hollywood over the weekend took to social media to declare that our government’s response is what’s actually criminal and lawless.

Hollywood’s leading authority on liberal politics and passionate Trump basher, Rob Reiner, posted an emotional response to news that border guards were firing tear gas on undeterred migrants. With these people it’s always, “Think of the children!” so, of course, Reiner posted about how Trump is “tear gassing babies.”

He tweeted, “Don’t know how you get lower than tear gassing babies. But if anyone can, Trump will find a way. We will never get used to the horror that is the president.”

In response to Trump’s tweet declaring that there will be “No crossings!,” the always dignified and poised actress Alyssa Milano called the President an “asswipe,” among a slew of other profanities. In a particularly unhinged tweet she wrote, “You tear-gassed women and children, asswipe! And on Thanksgiving weekend, you piece of shit, asshole, motherfucking, evil-creature-person.”

Sarah Silverman seemed to kept her cool better than her deranged colleagues, but still toed the party line by giving immigration law supporters a lesson on “empathy.” On Monday morning she tweeted, “If human empathy isn’t your jam, how about this: You will be a stranger in desperate need someday. How do you hope to be treated? When it’s you who is in an emergency situation and instead of aid u r [sic] punished for not ‘following official protocol.’”

Part-time astrophysicist and full-time progressive propagandist Neil deGrasse Tyson tried to invoke the patron saints of scientism to get conservatives to prostrate before open borders. He tweeted that “Albert Einstein was a refugee to the USA.” Yes, a lauded scientist given scholarly residence in America during World War II and an unknown Honduran charging and throwing rocks at the U.S. gate with his comrades are equivalent, right?

Former Scandal star Kerry Washington tweeted that border guards’ use of tear gas was “Horrifying,” and Spider-man: Homecoming actress Zendaya called it “An abomination.”



The always Trump-triggered John Cusack weighed in, (when does he not?) posting about how border patrol and ICE agents defending the border belong in “prison.” He tweeted, “Prison is where the men or women who carry out these crimes belongs [sic].” He linked photos from the chaos to his page, captioning them with “impeach-impeach-resist.”

Beauty & The Beast actor Josh Gad declared that the U.S. actions on the border could never be defended by people who strive to “Love thy neighbor.” Excited to give another one of his daily moral lectures, the show-tunes aficionado tweeted, “There is no way to spin tear gassing babies & children seeking asylum from the horrors of their native countries. Anyone trying to spin this needs to search their moral compass & put themselves in the shoes of these victims.”

He added, “Unless ‘love thy neighbor’ only refers to those like u [sic].” Ah, another beautiful morning message from the philosophers in Tinseltown. Thank goodness that we are blessed with such a clear cut picture of what not to think or do.