Rock the Vote, ACLU Offer Free RBG Movie Showings Ahead of Midterms

Desperate as ever, lefties are ramping up their midterm marketing tactics. What’s the best way to drum up a Democratic turnout, especially among the younger crowd? Offering free tickets to a stuffy movie about female Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of course. Well, Magnolia Pictures and Participant Media seem to think so. They announced free showings of their new movie On the Basis of Sex.

The free showings will be running on Monday, October 29th in several major US cities, including Miami, Sacramento, and Dallas. The fact that this date is a week prior to Midterm voting day is hardly a coincidence. Both Rock The Vote, and the American Civil Liberties Union have joined the movie’s studios in order to make the free propaganda possible.

Magnolia Pictures president Eamonn Bowles told The Hollywood Reporter, “We are thrilled to be able to work with Rock the Vote and the ACLU, organizations whose significance have risen to even greater proportions in recent years, to bring this timely film to audiences across the nation.”

If On the Basis of Sex needs liberal allies, it has found two hard-working ones. Rock the Vote has been working overtime in order to drum up a progressive turnout for November. Their celebrity-endorsed ads are always an interesting addition to campaign season. The ACLU has also bent over backwards for the sake of lefty social justice, particularly in defending illegal immigrants.

The movie’s production studios are no strangers to promoting this kind of progressive propaganda either. In 2013 Participant Media company struck a deal to launch a the cable network Pivot, a platform aimed at “millenials” via a tactic they described as “social change.”

If it’s any indication as to what that entailed, recall that Participant Media was also the company behind Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and Matt Damon’s anti-fracking movie, Promised Land.

“As Ruth Bader Ginsburg co-founded the ACLU Women’s Rights Project in 1972, it seems appropriate that we are able to join together to help make it possible for everyone to know how hard she worked for equality,” Bowles claimed. Although, with Rock the Vote involved, it feels less like a move to enshrine her legacy and more of a last ditch attempt to sway some people to vote Democrat.


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