Hypocritical Hollywood: Study Shows Anti-Feminist Bent in Television

According to a recent Southern California University study, the amount of women speaking roles on television has actually declined. What?! In today’s progressive society? This is quite shameful, America. And as you well know, Hollywood lefties are going to turn around and blame you for it instead of pointing fingers at the industry giving them a platform.

ABC News ran the report on this “disturbing” trend, citing 2018 research done by the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film, a San Diego State University apparatus. According to its 2018 findings, “women in speaking roles overall have slightly declined at 40 percent.”

ABC did not fail to mention the grave implications stemming from this data, adding that this “is hardly equality compared to the men.” Goodness, doesn’t anybody here have a freakin’ conscience?

This progressive higher education study was done through a diligent survey of Hollywood credits. The center reported that “The study examines dramas, comedies, and reality programs appearing on broadcast networks, basic and premium cable channels, and streaming services,” adding that it “tracked 4,833 characters and 5,195 behind-the-scenes credits overall.”

This study has been a more recent addition to a decade-spanning look into these kind of media figures, dubbed, “Boxed in.” Quite the appropriate name when you’re dealing with oppressed groups and Hollywood’s current obsession with the virtue of victimhood. The study also found that jobs, in general, was a concept all the more associated with men than women.

“Regardless of platform,” the center stated, “male characters remain more likely than females to be identified by their occupational status, and to be seen at work, actually working.” It did add however that women topped men in more personal, “life-oriented roles,” such as “wife and mother.”

Also behind the camera roles were reported to be insufficiently female. The study claimed that “women comprised 27 percent of all creators, directors, writers, and producers, executive producers, editors, and directors of photography working on broadcast network, cable, and streaming programs.” Apparently this was “down 1 percent from last year.”

Despite all this doom and gloom, ABC reported that the study did find a silver lining. According to the data, female Hispanic representation hit an all time high, and female African American representation remained steady from last year. “The boost for Latina characters went up a great deal from 5 percent last year [it’s now 7%]” and “Black and Asian women remained steady in the study at 19 and 6 percent.”

Well, there’s at least some good news for a change. Although the gender disparity here is something with which American society is going to be flogged, that is if the last several Hollywood award shows are any indication. Will celebrities ever grow wise to the hypocrisy though? Because it seems that their industry provides the hottest ticket for misogyny right now.

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