Stormy Daniels Plans Donation to Planned Parenthood in Donald Trump's Name

Anti-Trump It Girl Stormy Daniels is enjoying an obscene amount of publicity these days.

The porn star, who has been the subject of a defamation lawsuit with President Donald Trump and his “fixer,” Michael Cohen, is making the media rounds to share her story and case against the president. Liberals across the country have been all but obsessed with Daniel’s coverage, with many seeing her as some feminist hero. In the latest development, Daniels has promised that, if she wins her lawsuit, she will donate $130,000 to America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

In the midst of Stormy’s whirlwind tour, The Daily Beast reported that Penthouse Magazine is set to release a Stormy Daniels issue with the pornstar on the cover, complete with some tasteful nude photographs and a more candid and a “NSFW” version of her Anderson Cooper interview.

The magazine also shared one more detail about Daniels that will leave her progressive fans swooning with delight. Stormy told Penthouse that if she wins her lawsuit against Trump and Cohen, she will donate $130,000 (equivalent to the the president’s supposed “hush money”) to Planned Parenthood in their names.

Wow! What a hero!

Of course, this is a tried and true favorite tactic among wealthy libs. Many remember last year, when actress Mila Kunis donated money to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name. Liberals loved it, while others were unclear as to whether she was honestly trying to support a good cause, or whether she was just trying to gain praise from liberals.

But shh! Don’t anyone dare suggest that Stormy is only in this for the liberal publicity like View co-host Meghan McCain did.


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