‘Blindspot’ Lies: ‘Millions’ of Women Would ‘Lose Reproductive Healthcare’ Without Planned Parenthood

November 10th, 2015 3:37 AM

Blindspot’s most recent episode, “Persecute Envoys,” spent most of its airtime stoking anti-police sentiment and blaming the deaths of several New York police officers on their own captain. But the show’s writers weren’t willing to settle for pushing just one liberal narrative. Instead, we get another twofer - defending Planned Parenthood AND hitting a, presumably conservative, congressman for hypocrisy on abortion.

Deputy White House Political Director Sofia Varma is trying to convince her lover FBI Deputy Director Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), who is hesitant about the ethics and legalities, to start using “Daylight,” the series’ name for the NSA’s illegal wiretapping program. But Varma gives pretty much the worst example possible.

Varma: Carter tells me you're not using Daylight.

Mayfair: I'm still assessing the Intel, figuring out the best way—

Varma: Bethany.

Mayfair: It's not as simple for me. If you and Carter find something useful, you can use it. Me, I have to deal with the legal system-- judges, lawyers.

Varma: Congress almost defunded Planned Parenthood. Did you know that? Daylight gave us the leverage we needed to fight them off.

Mayfair: You blackmailed sitting Congressmen—

Varma: What are you saying?

Mayfair: The lobby groups do, I know-- buy them off, look for weaknesses. This is not the same thing.

Varma: One of our most vocal opponents was Dave Grantham. Then Daylight intercepts a phone call between him and a campaign staffer. He was paying for her abortion. We needed his vote, he didn't want to lose the next election. Now, millions of women won't lose their reproductive healthcare.

Mayfair: And criminals have been gaming the system forever, and if I don't game them back, I'm a sucker. So, why can't I pull the trigger?

Varma: Because you're good. But lives are being ruined because you aren't using this. Where is the good in that?

Yes, folks, the Deputy White House Political Director’s big pitch for why they need warrantless wiretaps on all Americans is so that they can keep Planned Parenthood on the taxpayer dole. Not so we can disrupt terror plots, or put away violent cartel members, but so Uncle Sam can keep funneling your tax dollars to the real Brooklyn Butchers.

And actually, "millions of women won't lose their reproductive care" if Planned Parenthood is defunded by Congress. The money would be redirected to 9,000 community health centers that can give women the same care, without killing their unborn babies and selling their body parts, as Planned Parenthood does. 

One thing the show writers have a blindspot for is the truth.