'Family Guy' Mocks Trans Delusion When Stewie Thinks He Has a Period

May 16th, 2022 1:49 PM

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is reliably leftist, but one issue where his show resists the woke narrative is on trans insanity. On Sunday, Family Guy did it again, premiering a new episode making fun of current transgender madness.

In the episode, 'First Blood,' Stewie (Seth MacFarlane) injures himself on a slippery slide during a barbecue, but thinks blood in his underwear is because he is having his period for the first time. Brian (Seth MacFarlane) refuses to go along with Stewie's delusion.


Stewie: I'm having my period. It's like 'The Shining' elevator down there. My 21st Century Box has been conquered by Eric the Very Red. 

Brian: Yeah, this is getting dangerously close to a 'Will & Grace' now. But if you're bleeding down there, it's clearly because you hurt yourself on the Slippery Slide. 

Stewie: Oh, yeah? If I'm not having my period, then why am I drinking herbal tea from a large earthenware mug with no handle on it? 

Brian: Stewie, trust me, boys can't get periods. 

Stewie: Brian, it's 2022-- there's no such thing as a boy anymore. Or a girl. Just a vast sea of chubby "Theys" and "Thems," so coddled by their sanctimonious woke parents who think activism is virtue-signaling on Instagram. If Martin Luther King could come back, and see what they were doing in his name, he'd never stop throwing up. (Slurping) 

Brian: Maybe...Maybe you are having your period. 

When the wound heals later in the episode and the blood stops, Stewie think he is pregnant. He gives up the delusion, however, after a nurse gets angry at him for asking for an ultrasound.

Previous Family Guy episodes that made fun of the tranny gestapo included an episode mocking a nativity set with a "Little Drummer Them" and an episode in which Quagmire's trans dad views porn on his phone at a bar against the rules because he is transgender.

“Oh, I-I had no idea,” the bartender apologetically answers, “Do whatever you want all the time.”

This week's 'First Blood' was another hilarious episode which poked fun at a lie that needs to be mocked more often.

Correction: The original article stated that Quagmire's trans dad "smokes at a bar." It has been changed to "views porn on his phone at a bar."