Sounds About Right: Gay Groomer Show 'Love, Victor' Moving from Hulu to Disney+

April 27th, 2022 10:08 AM

Do the corporate geniuses at Disney not understand that grooming minors is a bad thing? Do they not realize that the groomer label is one they should be running from instead of embracing?

On Tuesday, Variety reported that Disney+ will be streaming the series Love, Victor in June. Among other things, the LGBT coming-of-age drama introduces adolescents to homosexual slang for boys under the age of sexual consent and makes the image of a minor being ogled by adult men look fun and exciting.

Love, Victor, rated TV14, was originally developed for Disney+, but Disney rightly recognized at the time of its creation that its sexual content was inappropriate for a streaming service marketed as family-friendly. Thus, it first two seasons in 2020 and 2021 instead premiered on the more adult-oriented Hulu streaming service, also owned by Disney.

Newsbusters reviewed both seasons of Love, Victor after their premieres and was shocked by content that glamorized the sexualization of adolescents with adults. Here is a scene from season one just after the main character Victor (Michael Cimino), a boyish-looking high school sophomore, is "checked-out" by adult males at a gay club called "Messy Boots."

Katya: New York City! Welcome to Messy Boots. Can I just say, you are the sorriest-looking crows I have ever seen. Except this one. Who's this little chicken? Cluck, cluck, cluck. Come on up here. Get your butt up here.

Audience: Woo!

Simon: Yeah, Victor!

Katya: What's your name honey?

Victor: Uh...Victor.

Katya: How's your night going, Victor?

Victor: Uh...It's been the best night of my life.

As Newsbusters reported at the time:

For anybody unfamiliar with LGBT slang, a 'chicken' does not merely refer to poultry. According to the book Gay Talk: A (Sometimes Outrageous) Dictionary of Gay Slang, a 'chicken' is 'any boy under the age of consent,' and 'chicken dinner' is 'sex with a teenager.'

The LGBT wikia defines "chickenhawk" as "slang used in American and British gay culture to denote older males who prefer younger males for partners, who may less often be called 'chickens,' i.e. the prey of the chickenhawk.

In season two of the series, Victor takes his homosexual high school friend Rahim (Anthony Keyvan) to a different gay bar where Rahim happily puts dollar bills down an underdressed adult man’s pants. Do the writers of this show think these sort of experiences are totally normal and healthy for a minor?

No wonder Disney employees pressured their CEO to oppose Florida's anti-grooming legislation.

Starting in June, both season one and two will be available on the streaming service along with the premier of season three, the show's final season. Love, Victor's opening theme song gives the impression of being just another fun high school Disney show which could easily lure in an unwitting audience.

The pederastic scenes in Love, Victor have no business being on Disney+. In fact, a show romanticizing this sort of behavior should never have been created at all. 

Disney must be competing with Netflix for who can most offend American audiences and cause a bigger drop in stock market value over the next year.

The executives and creative teams calling the shots at Disney need to focus less on political activity and more on figuring out why their entertainment giant is riddled with perverts. Stop bullying Republican states that want to protect kids and instead fire staff who have no sense of healthy sexual boundaries in the first place.