ABC’s Drama: History Book ‘Whitewashes’ US, Ignores ‘Terrible Things It’s Responsible For’

May 19th, 2021 11:39 PM

There's been an onslaught of leftist, BLM-themed stories on television lately. When we get served a liberal lecture one episode, we barely get a breather before the next episode hits us with more. Case in point, ABC’s A Million Little Things, which last week claimed police are “just looking for a reason” to kill people of color. This week, we’re told that history books “whitewash this country" and ignore “all the terrible things it’s responsible for.”

Wednesday’s episode, “United Front,” picked up where last week’s BLM propaganda left off and this time Rome (Romany Malco) finds out his foster son Tyrell has been skipping history class and plans to do so again to attend a BLM protest. When Rome asks him to explain why he missed before, Tyrell gives us his dim view of history books:



Rome: Where you going?

Tyrell: Downtown Crossing. Black Lives Matter protestors are getting together, and I want to be there.

Rome: It's Wednesday. Aren't you supposed to be in class?

Tyrell: They can't make that mandatory because not everyone has Internet.

Rome: Well, your history teacher sure seems to have a connection 'cause he just sent me an e-mail saying that you skipped a test last week. You care to explain?

Tyrell: That test is based on a history book that whitewashes this country, ignoring all the terrible things it's responsible for. Not taking it is my own act of protest.

Rome: I don't think he got the message. He's dropping your grade from an A to a B.

Tyrell: Whatever. Teach us some real history, and I'll pass that thing with flying colors.

Rome: Look, Tyrell, I know you care about the movement. So do I. But schoolwork first. And then someday maybe you get to write the textbook.

Actually, it is the opposite of what Tyrell claims that is frequently happening across this country now with the torrent of critical race theory being taught in schools. I even know of one student who graduated not long ago who came home and told her parents she wished she was black because she felt so guilty being white in today’s culture.

Sadly, schools, combined with “woke” shows, pushing this harmful narrative is not helping anyone and only serves to create division and hate. No one wins in that kind of society, not even people of color.

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