Fox’s ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Shows Shocking Pedophile-Friendly Scene Between Adult Male and Child

October 23rd, 2017 1:06 PM

Sunday, October 22’s episode of Fox’s comedy The Last Man on Earth, titled “Wisconsin,” featured an extremely uncomfortable scene between main character Tandy (Will Forte) and Jasper, played by child actor Keith L. Williams. The series takes place in the future after a virus wipes out most of the earth’s population, leaving only a handful of survivors behind.

Tandy is known for his inappropriate behavior and humor, but Sunday’s show went too far, as Jasper is shown operating a construction crane while Tandy tests different metal objects against the crane’s magnetic lift. Tandy then decides to do a “science” experiment and puts a magnet down his pants. Hilarity ensues. /sarcasm:

Tandy: All right, Jasper, flip the switch! Dude, is that magnet micro-surfin'? 'Cause it just caught a microwave. Cowabunga! Okay, Jasper, if my calculations are correct, when you flip that switch, this is gonna play a tune we all know and love. "Jingle Bells." Flip the switch, bud. Merry Christmas! You know, Jasper, when a piece of metal and a magnet develop feelings for each other, they get what's called attraction. Okay, flip the switch. Science, huh?

Are you laughing? Me neither. My jaw was hanging down too far in shock to be able to laugh even if I’d wanted to.

This is Hollywood’s idea of humor? I’m sure pedophiles got a good kick out of it, especially males who prey on little boys around Jasper’s age. Was that the intended target audience?

It has long been reported that Hollywood protects pedophiles within its ranks, but it's not often that they are so blatant about it.

Nothing from Hollywood should surprise me anymore, but this definitely did. Just unacceptable!