Jezebel Endorses Self-Induced and Late-Term Abortion

Planned Parenthood just discovered a law in New York that throws a wrench in their structure. The state has a mandate that “forces women . . . to give birth to babies who will die in their first moments of life.” Such a statute will apparently cause more suffering in abortion clinics.

The law caused problems for one couple, Erica Christensen and Garin Marshall, whose baby would have suffocated from the effects of natural birth. A C-section was needed, but instead, the couple opted to fly out to Colorado and terminate the pregnancy. In her article, “How Many More Women Will Suffer at the Hands of New York’s Outdated Abortion Law?,” Jezebel contributor Prachi Gupta complained that the law in New York that bans late-term abortions, except in cases of the imminent death of the mother, does not allow the euthanasia-minded Planned Parenthood to kill infants in the womb who are already doomed to die.

Gupta wanted to inform New York inhabitants that while they might think that their state is a “safe haven for abortion rights,” people of the lower classes still have to give birth to their infants who have been diagnosed with something life-threatening. She quoted Garin Marshall as he told Planned Parenthood, “Nobody knows about this, nobody cares about it.”

What about the babies who are being euthanized in the womb in a late-term abortion? Apparently no one wants to care about them. In a Jezebel interview cited by the author, state senator Liz Krueger called the New York abortion law a “pretty lousy law,” and further argued that it needed to be updated to take into account the pregnancies that Planned Parenthood feels should be aborted after 24 weeks. Gupta also lamented that the abortion patients had to pay out of pocket for out-of-state abortions.

The article also argued for the legalization of self-induced abortions, stating that “this is a problem that New York is long overdue in addressing.” This is a bit hypocritical for Jezebel, Planned Parenthood, and feminists everywhere, who consistently state that without abortion clinics and doctors, women everywhere would be endangering their lives and their health by performing their own abortions. Why are they lobbying for this law now?

The author stated that there were “no statistics on how many women require abortions due to complicated pregnancies in New York.” But she didn’t even address how many abortions New York is known for performing. One statistic pointed out that New York’s abortion rate made up 30% of its birth rate. While Gupta tried to argue that New York needed even more abortions, she didn’t take into account the extreme number of abortions that already take place in that state.

Now is the time, according to the article, to lobby for the Reproductive Health Act, which will allow self-induced abortions and abortions past the 24 week mark. Gupta claimed that this act will have a better effect on women’s health, which is in danger because these two types of abortion are restricted. She gave several examples of abortion cases that she felt made the case for this law to be passed.One woman told Jezebel that she was happy that her aborted son “was not alive in a broken body.”

She gave no cases of incidents where the infant with health risks was born and survived, or where where the doctor’s diagnosis was proven wrong. And the women who had abortions were praised for their decisions.

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