'The Good Fight' Features Absurd Fake News Report on Trump, Accuses 'Reality Star President' of Nepotism

March 11th, 2018 11:25 PM

This season of CBS’s The Good Fight is delivering on its promise to make the show all about Trump. The opening credits feature scenes of President Trump delivering speeches and the episode titles reflect how many days he has been in office.

Sunday’s episode, “Day 415”, began with a fake TV news report on President Trump. While liberals constantly rail against “fake news,” the writers of The Good Fight have no problem using actual fake news to mock the president. The made-up WXBK News Channel sports the headline, “Trump ‘Chats’ with Mermaid, Cleo,” claiming Trump tweeted about speaking with a mermaid, which White House aids are now refuting.



Later, a group of lawyers take turns criticizing Trump in order to win the favor of their anti-Trump judge. The judge calls Trump a “reality star president” while a lawyer brings up Trump’s nepotism regarding the appointment of son-in-law Jared Kushner and the hiring of daughter Ivanka Trump.



Unsurprisingly, the three broadcast networks discussing Trump’s alleged nepotism had no problem with the appointment of Hilary Clinton by her husband, President Bill Clinton. In fact, they praised the decision.

But in today’s world, double standards are okay as long as you conform to the liberal standard.