NBC Comedy 'The Carmichael Show' Helps Sick Grandma Kill Herself

June 7th, 2017 11:32 PM

NBC’s The Carmichael Show has become the latest show to join Hollywood’s trend of endorsing euthanasia. On Wednesday night’s episode, “Grandma Francis,” grandsons Jarrod (Jarrod Carmichael) and Bobby (LilRel Howery) help Grandma Francis, suffering from Alzheimer’s, kill herself with painkillers.

Grandma Francis receives pushback from her son, Joe (David Alan Grier), after she declares she’s going to “take matters into my own hands and end my life myself.” She insists, “I got to make this decision while I still can.”

When the grandsons tell their father to “respect her judgment,” Joe points out the obvious fact that his mother’s mental health is in question. He argues, “This woman is suffering from a brain disease. She is the last person on Earth whose judgment we need to start trusting.” Joe also points out that she is not terminally ill and could still live another five or ten years.

But, of course, The Carmichael Show presents the typical lines in favor of assisted suicide. Grandma Francis insists she wants “to go out the way I want to, with dignity.” Jarrod and Bobby even make light of the situation by wishing that Michael Jordan had decided to “go out on top” just like their grandma decided.

After Joe argues that suicide is both morally and legally wrong, Bobby suggests, “The Bible got a lot of hidden loopholes, you know?” While his tirade against the Bible doesn’t actually support euthanasia, the writers at least got to make a jab at the Bible.

Jarrod: I don't know, Dad. I mean, I don't want Grandma to go through with this either, but think about it like this: Grandma wants to go out on top. I mean, wouldn't you have rather seen Michael Jordan retire after hitting that three-pointer against the Jazz in '98 instead of seeing this dude way past his prime in a Wizards Jersey? Don't make Grandma play for the Wizards.

Bobby: Why did we let Mike do that to himself? Was our greed too much? Huh? Did our eyes get bigger and more lustful than our stomachs can handle? Did we? Answer me, please.

Jarrod: I mean, maybe she's making the right decision. Look, she is an adult, and we're gonna have to just respect her judgment on this, right?

Joe: Are you crazy? This woman is suffering from a brain disease. She is the last person on Earth whose judgment we need to start trusting. I don't even trust her to use the oven right now.

Bobby: I mean, yeah, I'm not eating those cookies. Look, she couldn't even remember her best friend she'd known for years. So you mean to tell me she gonna know the difference between suicide pills and brown sugar?

Jarrod: Come on, y'all. I don't know, I just don't think it's right to say that she's out of her mind. She seems to know exactly what she wants to do.

Joe: Well, this is easy for you to accept because you only see an old lady. But that's my mother. Now, how would you feel if this was happening to your mother?

Bobby: Nah, we couldn't let her do that. But, Dad... If you ever wanted to kill yourself, I would respect your decision.

Joe: We're talking about suicide. You do realize how wrong that is morally, legally-- it even says so in the Bible.

Bobby: Daddy, that's not a fact. I mean, you know, the Bible got a lot of hidden loopholes, you know? You know, you just got to skim through it, and you got to accept it like one of those Apple user agreements.

Joe: I am sure glad your mama's not here to see any of this.

Jarrod: It doesn't matter if it's biblically wrong or legally wrong, what matters is what's best for Grandma, let's not forget that.

Predictably, by the end of the episode, even the usually conservative Joe has come to terms with his mother’s decision and stands by her side when she takes the pain killer overdose.

Considering The Carmichael Show has espoused some conservative positions in the past, it’s unfortunate that this time they decided to jump on the liberal bandwagon. It’s also unfortunate that this liberal trend of promoting assisted suicide doesn’t seem to be going away.