These Lefty Organizations Just Hijacked International Women’s Day to Celebrate MEN

March 8th, 2021 9:12 PM

On Monday, March 8, several organizations – including pro-abortion women’s orgs – took the bizarre step of using the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD) to celebrate men. On the day the whole world is supposed to honor the female sex, these groups stopped to insist that “trans women are women” (instead of biological men who want to identify as women) and we must include them in the festivities, too.

The ACLU, which just last month declared “trans girls are girls” in a tweet thread promoting myths about transgenders in school sports, reupped with, “On International Women's Day, here's your reminder that trans women are women.” But simply repeating something ad nauseam doesn't make it true. They had another tweet demanding for IWD, “Paid leave, Fair asylum processes, An end to mass incarceration, Abortion access, Workplace protections, A place in sports, Equal pay, Student debt cancellation, SO MUCH MORE.” What, no unicorn?

The Yellowhammer Fund, which funds abortions in the South retweeted an image declaring, “Trans Women are REAL Women,” turned the phrase into a hashtag and wished everyone a “Happy International Women's Day!”

Biological women are real women. Trans women are trans women is as far as I'll go.

In its tweet, the UK Abortion Support Network ghoulishly celebrated providing abortions while paying lip service to the idea that men can get pregnant, “Happy #InternationalWomensDay2021! We're celebrating in the traditional way - helping people of all genders access abortion. It's very festive.” Considering IWD supposedly has its roots in socialism, I'd say all these left-wing addendums are appropriately festive.

Planned Parenthood North Central tweeted, “Celebrating women is an act we practice every day. It can look like providing transgender hormone therapy, teaching consent-forward sex education, or giving patients the resources to make informed decisions about their own bodies. How are you celebrating #IWD?” Does providing transgender hormone therapy to women wanting to become men celebrate women, too? Also, notice the girl holding the transgender flag.

NARAL tweeted, “Happy International Women's Day! If you identify as a woman, then you're a woman—and today is for you...#TransWomenAreWomen" Being a woman is so much more than that, but NARAL went on to reiterate that there's "no qualifier needed" for identifying trans women when retweeting trans woman Charlotte Clymer:

Another group that added on other leftist priorities was URGE (Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity) which tweeted: "Our liberation is interconnected, but our struggles aren't the same. This #InternationalWomensDay, we celebrate Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer & trans women. We'll continue to center these women & their experiences as we fight for justice & work to build a world #BeyondPolicing.” They also used the transgender flag in their image:

The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault tweeted, “It’s #InternationalWomensDay, and we stand with our trans sisters & recognize their plight. We want to make sure all transgender folx are seen, recognized, & heard. It's important to highlight their strife on a day when trans women are often left out of the conversation.” Gee, so odd that biological men would be left out of the convo on WOMEN'S Day! Their image furthers the ridiculousness by seeking to “include all femme-identifying people in the narrative” because they “deserve to be seen, heard, and recognized” - and look at those "folx" waving a transgender flag.

Among other things, the Transgender Law Center asked people to "Show some love to trans women today" while declaring, "Trans women are sacred to our world.” 

The Human Rights Campaign tweeted, “Simple reminder today: Trans women are women / Trans girls are girls” and the United State of Women tweeted pretty much the same thing with a lovely image reiterating it.

Before all the former men take all the recognition, let me say: Happy International Women's Day to all the real women out there!